Saturday, October 10, 2009

'Cause my heart is breakin' not fallin' this time

Apparently recovered, Brian Littrell joined the other three Backstreet Boys for a performance of their new single, the Max Martin-penned "Bigger," on Jimmy Kimmel.

As I've hinted at before, I love the song. That doesn't mean I don't have reservations about it as a single, though--much as it would make me happy to hear it on the radio, I'm not sure if there are enough nostalgics around and that its sound will appeal to today's radio programmers for it to make it into the upper half of the top 40. I'd be happy if they could get a hit the size of New Kids on the Block's "Summertime," though I'm not really expecting even that.

Speaking of Backstreet Boys single news, the new Jennifer Paige (you remember her--"Crush," an intoxicating, vaguely exotic late '90s teen pop song) single, "Beautiful Lie," co-written by Carl Falk, is a duet with Nick Carter that sounds pretty good. There's a strong electro-synth beat beneath it, but it's definitely not in the current electro-pop trend--it's more just pop.


Nikki said...

I kinda jumped up and down when I found out 'Bigger' was gonna be a single! Hahah.

I should listen to that Jennifer Paige song - had a brief stint listening to 'Crush' a few months ago.

Damian said...

Beautiful Lie is so damn brilliant! Though these two brilliant pop-stars couldn't give us anything but really-really good pop-stuff.

Paul said...

I'm very happy with Bigger as the second single, and i'm loving Beautiful Lie. So great. I still kinda crave a second solo Nick album!

Mr. Will-W. said...

JENNIFER PAIGE!!! *scream*

Poster Girl said...

You and your A&R future, Nikki ;)

So, so true, Damian! I hope they get a big European hit with it, since I don't dare hope American radio will fall in love with it.

Paul, me, too, strangely! It had some very underrated songs on it. If AJ doesn't use them, Nick should release a solo album with the Rami/Kristian Lundin songs that didn't make it onto this BSB album.

A big fan, Will? There aren't enough of those! She's got a great voice.