Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The way you kiss keeps me hangin' on

(I'm running a little experiment to see how I can go about streaming songs that aren't on YouTube--Imeem isn't ideal, as embedded it only lets non-users listen to thirty seconds [unless the song was uploaded by its creator], but it's the best option I know of at the moment, without paying for something. If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know!)

What has Danish songwriter/producer Thomas Troelsen (of Private and great songs like Monrose's "Hot Summer") been up to lately?

Well, since his official site hasn't be updated, I can't give you a comprehensive list. I do know a few things he's been working on, though:

Probably the highest profile thing he's done recently is produce the Raveonettes' new album, In And Out Of Control (streaming there). The Danish boy-girl duo is usually kind of rocky (and cool), but they sound a little more pop this time around to my ears. Granted, I haven't listened to the full album yet, but songs like "Bang" (with its Phil Spector '60s prodution meeting '80s melodies performed by modern Scandinavian indie-pop singers) have succeeded in catching my ear.

Danish electronica music creator Kenneth Bager's latest single, the "Ain't No Mountain High"-sampling "Fragment Sixteen (I Can't Wait)" (clip here), features Thomas's vocals. It seems Kenneth Bager's years-old album Fragments from a Space Cadet is getting some sort of international release...I think...and this new song is being used to lead up to that release. Personally, I prefer the less party-friendly "Fragment Two (The First Picture)," featuring Julee Cruise.

Thomas is also the producer of the new single from Maria Montell, a Danish singer who
apparently usually sings bossa nova-styled songs. "Bang Bang Boogie" has some of that Troelsen funk to it, though (strangely, for me) the chorus feels cheesier than I'd like--kitschier might be a better word--considering the opening verse, which seems like it's going for a more haunting vibe.

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