Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Things were so different, now you're gone, I thought it'd be easy, I was wrong

More songwriter notes and random artist tidbits (I really am going to do more in depth posts, less "news bullet"-y, soon):

Johan "Kermit" Bobäck is working with Darin on new music (he previously collaborated with him on "Seasons Fly").

Apparently British boy band a1 are reuniting for some concerts in Norway in early December and will be performing both old and (gasp!) new songs. I am not ashamed to admit I got more than a bit excited listening to the group rehearse modern classic "Caught In The Middle." Speaking of new songs, Ben Adams, who appeared on this blog many a time in its early days, has a new-ish song on his MySpace (listen to it in higher quality on Facebook), "The Dust Won't Settle," which is really pretty pleasant (albeit sad) pop-rock--more like third album a1 than most of what we've heard of his solo album, but it shows he's just as great with a melody and with his voice. Love it. Ben has also (as I think I've mentioned before) written for Alexandra Burke's upcoming album.

Blake Lewis apparently worked with Darkchild for his upcoming album Heartbreak on Vinyl (out October 6). Listen to some beats but no vocals in this video.

If you're a sucker for über-bubblegummy Swedish pop that sounds like it could have come straight out of the '90s--I mean the really sugary sweet, cheesy kind--you might want to listen to Three's "Lucky Number." Who are Three? Three blonde sixteen year old triplets. You can probably already imagine what the music sounds like. Of course, me being me, bubblegum pop is always welcome, especially if it's got a Swedish connection.

Georgie Dennis, sister of Cathy and songwriter in her own right, has a song called "Dirty Drum" on her MySpace that sounds like it's sung by Elin Lanto. There are better, non-Elin songs there, though.

Carl Falk uploaded some new songs to his MySpace a few months ago. I presume they're demos, though I've got no actual proof of that. My favorite is "Shameless," co-written by him, Lindy Robbins, Kristian Lundin, and Rami Yacoub; it's very pop.

Speaking of demos uploaded on MySpace months ago, Tony Nilsson put the demo of Elin Lanto's "Discotheque" on his MySpace. I'm a total demo addict, as I've convinced before, so for me, hearing the substantial differences--though in this case, it's not a matter of voice, since even the demo contains Elin's voice--is really fascinating. The final version is definitely better, but there are some lost elements which, though they probably had to be lost for the sake of the song, I love.


Anonymous said...

Hi, so graet you are back!

how do you know the credits of "Shameless"?

btw, Ben from A1 co-wrote for the Westlife album, as did Darren Hayes.

Can't wait for that!

Anonymous said...

btw, I thought "without you here"
would suit westlife a lot!!


Alexander said...

It's definitely Elin singing 'Dirty Drum' - I know her voice in and out. Can't wait for her album, she could REALLY be the Swedish Kylie. Seriously.

xolondon said...

As hinted above, Carl is working a lot with Darren Hayes right now!

Poster Girl said...

I was shocked at the news about Darren writing for Westlife, but in a good way. Some of the people they've recruited for this new album are more interesting than I expected. I just looked up Carl Falk on ASCAP, found the entry for "Shameless," and then looked at the other writers--I wish it was more creative than that, but that's it ;)

Alex, I wish it would come out! Dare to dream...

I didn't know that they were collaborating! That's good news, I think--Carl seems like he might be beginning a rise, and Darren...well, much as I anticipate his next release, the fact that he's got a songwriter deal going is welcome news.