Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Still here waiting

This post comes with no real commentary because I'm in the process of of my first listen right now.

To what? Fibes, Oh Fibes!'s new album, 1987, which you too can listen to, right here. The link will only work until Wednesday, 9:30 AM Swedish time, though.

I will say that so far it sounds more '70s (especially in instrumentation) than '80s.

Thanks to Damian for the heads-up!

If you haven't listened to the Kim Wilde-featuring "Run To You" (which is very '80s and very good) now's your chance:


xolondon said...

I am beside myself over this album. Can barely leave the house until I have it!

Adam said...

yeah I am very excited about it also. shame its not for sale in Canada. these music companies really make it hard to actually buy the records they make..

D'luv said...

The Kim Wilde jam is growing on me. Not quite there yet, but it's growing.

And I can't decide whether I'd bang a couple of these guys in the mouth or not. Maybe?

Poster Girl said...

XO, I need my copies of this and Erik Hassle (an anticlimax having had the songs so long, but finally, a physical copy!) to get here as soon as possible!

I await the day where, at least digitally, everything is released simultaneously. Or the day where CDs can just be instantly transported to your door ;)

Robbie, growing is good...I think it might really click with you with time.

JP.M said...

Hi I-m jpaul from Nice in France.
I have this album and its wonderful

I love too Kim Wilde and I-ve a blog for her.
See you I hope bye JP.M