Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why these tears?

I've said before how much I love Norwegian Idol winner Aleksander With's winner's single "A Little Too Perfect," a perfect upbeat pop song which still holds the title of my favorite winner's single (probably mainly because it deviates so much from the usual template). Much as I understand his desire to pursue more melancholy music after that, I've never been able to click with any of it as much as I wanted to based on that first single.

It's taken a few months, but "What's The Story," the lead single from his second album, might just have won me over. It continues Aleksander's pursuit of a more piano-pop-rock singer-songwriter sound that tries to struggle up from the emotional lows of life (rather than celebrating the highs like "A Little Too Perfect"). Most semi-ballads of this type that I fall for have some big sing-a-long moment, a swooning or keening release or a simple little hook; "What's The Story" doesn't really, though the chorus is strong enough, albeit in a subtle, restrained way, that you could sing along if you wanted to (what really does it for me is the little piano riff that accompanies each line of the chorus). As a result, it's not a song I could see on American radio, but (theoretically, not realistically) elsewhere in Europe, where life in a minor metaphorical key is more musically acceptable? Sure.

It may have taken a few months for my heartstrings to feel it, but mark them down as now officially tugged.

Aleksander With's single "What's The Story" is available for purchase here (digital).


John said...

I like the melody and the understated production, but I can't get past some of the lyrics. A bit too much rhyming for the sake of rhyming for my liking.

Paul said...

Completely forgot about him, thanks for the reminder... Like JLS's new single the lyrics are a bit "!" but overall the charm of the song wins me over :)

Now what do you think of the Alien Beat Club single? So not what I was expecting!!

kevin (ru) said...

Love it! Reminds a bit of the late A-ha. And piano sounds in pop are always irresistible to me.

Anonymous said...

what a great song, love it.

btw, do you know:

Anders Fernette
Tell My Why (So Incredible)

just entered the charts in sweden, but i can't find a snippet


Poster Girl said...

The lyrics aren't quite as meaningful as I'd like for this type of song, John, it's true, but the emotion behind it gets me every time (well, every time now).

I like it, Paul! It's not what I was expecting either (and I hope there's some fun on the album), but it's really good.

Kevin, that's a good comparison--one I wish I'd thought of for this post.

Ha ha, it's coincidental you ask me about that--I only JUST found out about it through Paul! There's a clip on his MySpace.