Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dealing with the mainstream

(The song which is the subject of this post is not available on YouTube if you live outside the UK, but you can stream a low quality version of what is probably a radio rip on this non-official MySpace site.)

There's a probably undeserved sense of self-satisfaction that comes from loving a song not fully embraced by others (whether "others" is the general public or a much smaller segment of the people you usually interact with) and then seeing that song's artist fully bloom in a way that consolidates your original belief in that first song while also creating the perception that they're only getting better. That really awkward opening is my way of leading into the fact that Tinchy Stryder's new single is fantastic summery pop. "Take Me Back," his Taio Cruz-featuring breakthrough single taken from his upcoming album Catch 22, deservedly went to #1 in the UK, but I didn't see it get too much blog love (even I was guilty of not writing about it here, though I praise it elsewhere).

Follow-up single "Number 1" was even better, with a perfect pop chorus--in fact, perfect pop everything, even though Tinchy's more hip-hop (grime?) style gave the song a welcome additional flavor.

I couldn't tell you yet whether Tinchy's latest single, "Never Leave You," featuring Amelle of the Sugababes, is better than "Number 1," but it's certainly yet another fantastic song with a sound that is both exactly the sort of thing that should be in the charts in 2009 and yet is totally refreshing. Tinchy's kept the strings around and, if it's possible, its chorus is even poppier than that of "Number 1." Breezy, poppy, summery, lovey-dovey pop-meets-hip-hop? Yes, please.


Paul said...

well he's certainly ubiquitous isn't he? And growing on me....

Anonymous said...

Woop great to see your posting again :D
I do rather like this Tinchy & Amelle collaboration, it took a few listens but its grown on me a lot :)

In other news i got Jonathan Fagerlunds new album at last today and have to say its better than i was expecting.
Ive been obsessed with the Daft Punk meets Danny Saucedo esque 'Tunnel Vision' for about 3 weeks now, it really is an amazing dance-pop song.
'U Do' is also an amazing but simple dance-pop song, like pure 90s pop with modern 2009 production.


Adem With An E said...

I think Amelle's hair looks great in the press photo.

But at the moment, not really impressed... Could grow...

Talia said...

I love the fact that Amelle is doing something solo & like the rest of Tinchy's stuff that I've heard. This song though - utter dross. It's lacking in any spark and emotion - just sounds super cheesy.

Anonymous said...

Check this out ! I love it !

Magnus Carlsson´s fresh new track

Money (greedy honey)