Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby, tell me why you wanna leave it all behind

Are you on pins and needles to hear new September material? So on pins and needles that you'd brave the world of shady low quality live performance clips on YouTube? If so, press play below to listen to "Leave It All Behind."

Edit: a higher quality clip of the performance (thanks, Damian!)

This is probably as good a time as any (well, slightly less good than when it was actually released and therefore relevant) to say that I love the UK mix of "Can't Get Over" more than the original version, despite it ditching the main instrumental hook--it's much slicker, catchier, bouncier, harder-hitting, and generally better in my eyes.

(With, once again, credit to Aces.)


John said...

I like it. For some reason, I am susceptible to September.

Damian said...

I already like the song and Petra sounds beter than ever.
By the way I love UK edition of "Can't Get Over" more than original too.

EuropeCrazy said...

I didn't like the UK version at first but it has now grown on me. She's such a great dance/pop act isn't she?

By the way the (most appropriate) word verification for this post is 'haselia' which just makes you think of...Hassle :)))

oliver27 said...

Wow! Thanks for the credits^^ Been following your great blog since a looong time, and still a great place for good music!

Hope to hear soon the HQ of this new song, which will be the new single in UK! And we'll have a new album before the end of this year too! I'm a fan of Petra since Lalala!

Oliver (or Aces).

Anonymous said...

Ahh this reminds me i never appreciated her last album as much as the first two.
For some reason despite enjoying all the tracks ive never had the urge to play it very often.

Anyway i stumbled across this new J-Pop song today
Its soo cheesy and completely amazingly addictive.

Also 'Flipsyde - When It Was Good' is getting its fair share of plays from me at the moment.
Hurray for RedOne productions :D.


Poster Girl said...

John, everyone should be susceptible to September! In Orbit is one of the best Swedish albums and best dance (-pop) albums of the '00s, but it's really not limited in its appeal to dance fans.

Damian, since you first pointed me in the direction of the UK edit, it's been my favorite version! Petra has an irreplaceable voice.

It's all part of the brainwashing ;)

Oliver, you're amazing! Thank you for reading. I can't wait for actual new music from Petra--I know it hasn't been nearly as long as, say, with Robyn, but this is September--any wait is hard to handle.

Conor, I do think Dancing Shoes wasn't quite as good as In Orbit (in my eyes), but beating that album is a tall order. Aww at that J-pop song! Sadly Flipsyde's song is "just OK" (to be Randy Jackson) for me--I love some of RedOne's work, but I think EVERYONE wants his signature sound so much right now that he's able to sell even not-quite-as-top-quality songs (though it seems like real effort did go into making that song). It's better than his new song for Sean Kingston, anyway (which isn't bad--I can't think of anything he's done lately that is--just unexciting).

Damian said...

This video has better quality of sound

Poster Girl said...

Wow, MUCH better sound! Thanks for the heads-up, Damian! I'm even more excited now.