Monday, April 13, 2009

If you want my b-body come get, get it now

I realize disappearing for a few days and then returning with a post on a subject you've already read about all over the Internet is not exactly the way to keep people excited, but Booty Luv's new single "Say It" is too great for me to let pass without a mention.

Receiving its first play on the radio last week, the lead single for the British dance-pop duo's second album has had me throwing my hands in the air rave-like since I first heard it (which, much like air drumming to the drum roll into the last chorus of Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You," is apparently not a good thing to do while driving--who knew?), but it's also a step towards a greater pop consciousness for a group which was already infectiously fun. Add some stuttering (something I'm always a sucker for) and a siren and you've got something I'm guaranteed to be playing all year long.

I knew they'd been doing some work with Swedes with their album, but I didn't know for certain that that extended beyond the one song I've written about before. "Say It" is apparently produced by Airborn, a Swedish production configuration I'd never heard of before but includes Didrik Thott, who I'm pleased to hear involving himself again in dance-pop after a lot of serious guitar-based productions. If they work with fellow Swede Carl Ryden again, we've got a real trend going.

"Say It" is, ridiculously, due out in August.


Aaron said...

Great Song (What I've heard). Can't Wait. Why August?????

Damian said...

Unbelievable that it has swedish production!!! Due to their previous stuff it was very very nice but I can't say it caught for quite long. But this song caught me incredibly!!! And now you say that swedes worked on it, how can I not to love this nation?))) I don't understand about August and think they'll change it, we can't wait 4 months!

Paul said...

August?! That is utterly butterly ridiculous. Oh the song is doomed :( Or not. Maybe they will bring the release date forward. Why on earth play it on radio four months early. Record companies bamboozle me they really do. This is a longer lead in time than the pet shop boys Love Etc!

oh the song is bloody bonza ripper :)

ukmidweeks said...

love this song!!! HAS to be a big hit for them surely!!! Can't help but think a release date so far away is a big mistake... but who knows what will happen!

Anyone else remember the Big Brovaz days???? Big Bro Thang should have been HUGE!!! :(

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Anonymous said...

this song is awesome top five in laura k's list

Bas said...

I like it :) But I don't get the logic behind the release date... I mean I even don't get most release dates as sometimes they take like more than a month... by that time everyone has downloaded it illegaly already. Soo... August must be a mistake I hope... this track is awesome for the summer :)

D'luv said...

Fuck. From the headline, I thought your nude pics had finally leaked...

Yuяi said...

August is unfreakin' believable... ! Great song, great production.

Poster Girl said...

I agree with everyone that August seems like a very strange and much too far away release date. Since it's not set to the date, maybe they'll end up changing it. I know we hear songs on the radio months before their release sometimes, but not this far in advance.

Aaron, I can't wait to hear it in proper quality, but I already know I'll love it.

Damian, I couldn't believe it either! I'll take any reason I can to continue with the Sweden praise, though ;)

Paul, we can only hope (on two levels: for the song's sake but also for all our sakes, so we can buy it earlier!).

"Big Bro Thang" was a GREAT song.

As well it should be :D

Bas, it does seem like the perfect summer song now that you say that! I know it's not realistic in all cases, but being able to buy a song as soon as you heard it would be fantastic.

Robbie, those pictures were for your eyes only, so if they leak, I KNOW who to blame.

Great everything! And an "unbelievable" echo from me.