Friday, April 17, 2009

How did I ever see a perfect 10?

Yes, once again taken from the Popjustice forums, and usually I just let things go, presuming everyone else will have read about them there, too, but since no one's talking about it:

British girl group and former X Factor contestants Dolly Rockers performing "How Did I End Up With You?" somewhere. The important thing is the song. I usually think of the group's music as...kind of spastic, cheeky, and sample-including and, while "How Did I End Up With You?" fulfills the latter criteria (Propaganda's "Duel" and 3OH!3's "Don't Trust Me"/the same thing as 3OH!3's "Don't Trust Me"/just happens to have a section that sounds like part of 3OH!3's "Don't Trust Me"), it's much more controlled and melodic while still having the fun of the group's sound...well, as much fun as is appropriate in a song like this, which includes references to abuse and falling for a married man (so that would be only occasional hints of it). "How Did I End Up With You?" is melancholy and frustrated but with an insistent up-tempo semi-"American" sounding modern electro beat behind it--a bit like "Hot 'n Cold," for lack of a better reference--that means we're not talking about a "The Loving Kind" or "Untouchable" remake. It's a great catchy pop song, being serious without ever losing sight of that fact, and just the sort of thing I want from a girl group or, really, any act.

Dolly Rockers have yet to release their debut single, "Je Suis Une Dolly," but it's out July 20 in the UK (hat tip). Presumably "How Did I End Up With You?" will be on the following album. It's not on their MySpace--which I'm hoping is a sign that they realize how great it is and don't want it hitting the Internet too soon--but you can listen to several other of their songs there.


John said...

Some of the best pop phenomena have started in malls. GREAT song, even with the horrible styling.

Nick said...

I've been a longtime fan of these girls, though I don't think I've ever mentioned them on the blog for some reason...might have to get to that.
As for that 3Oh!3 song? What a waste of a stellar chorus on an otherwise crappy emo/dance/comedy routine of a song. That band frustrates me to no end because they could be so good if they weren't so annoying. Plus, I don't want America getting the idea that "Don't Trust Me" is a good example of the electro/pop/rock genre.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh this song is absolutely AMAZING.
The perfect Electro-Pop, in a perfect world this would be MASSIVE.
Not so sure on their other material, but definately must get this when its released/if its released.

Damian said...

Never heard about them but the song is really great, waiting for release... I'm interested if Dr.Luke is involved? I think he can...

Poster Girl said...

Truth, John! And let us not forget Robin Sparkles. They really do go for the deliberately...over-the-top styling--it goes with trying to epitomize a certain type of British girl, I think.

"That band frustrates me to no end because they could be so good if they weren't so annoying" sums up my feelings on them and that song to a T. The chorus really needed to be rescued from the rest of the song. The Dolly Rockers have really surprised me--from the little I saw of them during X Factor, I would never have guessed they had the music they have in them (or that they like the older songs they must like if they played a role in making their music).

Conor, I'm thrilled you like it! That's exactly how I felt about this song, too, so I hope the world ends up agreeing.

Damian, it really has that sort of sound to it, doesn't it? I can't find anything about them working with him, though, so maybe it's just someone inspired by his style. The only established songwriter I know for sure that they're working with is Richard "Biff" Stannard.

Anonymous said...

I think Ray Hedges is the Producer behind the Dolly Rockers but the Lyrics are their own

Ken said...

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