Friday, April 03, 2009

Used to save them troubles for another day

Erik Hassle has a new video for "Hurtful" out. Not much happens in it, but it's much better than the original one: Erik's music is far more accessible than that first video made it seem, whereas this video strikes a much more accurate balance between arty and accessible.

That review of the album I've been promising and promising for forever really is coming.

In other Swedish music news, Fibes, Oh Fibes! have a new single, "Love Child," out (well, out soon). It's '60s-ish (though not in the Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson way--it's more pop-rock-ish, emphasis on the "ish") and semi-jaunty. Listen to it here. On the first listen it passed me by, but on further listens my opinion has improved so much that I'm now wondering when the rapid upward trend is going to stop.

Sebastian's new single is "Stay Forever." I like "Wake Up Where Your Heart Is" a lot more, but as we all know my taste doesn't usually align with the Swedish public's.


Bob said...

thanks!!! i love erik hassle and the new video is awesome!!

Nick said...

The Fibes Oh Fibes song is AMAZING! They are going to have one hell of a greatest hits at the rate they're going. A pity that the other tracks on their albums are so lackluster. So far they are definitely a singles band. I hope that changes with album number three.

Adam said...

I haven't listened to this song for a while. its good to hear it again, and now see the video.

Paul said...

I will have to check out Fibes oh Fibes! And i quite like both Erik videos. I just wish he would hurry up and become the international star he is destined to be (will it happen before your long delayed review? Who knows :P )

Robpop said...

I love Fibes!!! didnt know you loved them too!!

As for Erik, big label supporting that boy. Big things are planned for him. The album isnt even out yet nor does he have an entry on wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Erik won't do anything just like Frankmusik.

Poster Girl said...

Bob, I'm glad to hear it :)

Nick, once that chorus gets ahold of you, it doesn't let go; it's infernally catchy! I hope they've got more like this on the album.

Adam, speaking of not listening, I had to set most of Erik's album aside for a while because I'd played it so much. I think I'm ready to return, though.

Ha ha ha! Paul, my biggest laugh of the day.

Robpop, I only own one of their albums, so they're a group whose work I kind of dip in and out of but am interested to hear new material from when it comes. I was really pleased for Erik when I read about his international signing...

...the song STILL hasn't done as well in Sweden as I'd have expected it to, so really, the fact that he's getting an international release at all was a bonus, considering when I first heard the album it was before he'd been put in that "international potential could be realized" context.

Thanks for reminding me, Anonymous--I haven't written about Vince on here recently. I should fix that.

EuropeCrazy said...

I really like that Erik Hassle song and am looking forward to hearing his album. I think he does have the potential for international success, but (and I know many of you are going to disagree with me, but I'm only stating my opinion): he's nowhere near as great as fellow Swedish multi-talented musical genius Salem Al Fakir, whose own international launch should only be a matter of time.

Can't wait to read your review of Erik's album!

I love Fibes - heard this song on their MySpace last year and thought it had hit written all over it.

As I said previously, 2009 will probably be the best year ever for Swedish album releases!

Poster Girl said...

Europe Crazy, the day you find someone to love more than Salem is the day...well, it's not a day I'm expecting to come any time soon ;) Speaking of Salem, I don't tend to watch TV ads too much, so when I finally/actually heard "It's Only You Part II" coming out of an American television about a month ago I screamed and promptly told everyone around who the song was by and how amazing it was. I still say it should be a massive crossover hit.