Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gettin' busy

A song sits around for a while, going unused, and then you've got two people releasing it at once.

Two singers have semi-recently done versions of Swedish writers Play Productions' (i.e., the people behind Linda Bengtzing's "Alla flickor" and "Hur svårt kan det va?", but also more outside the schlager genre) "Candy." It's an urban pop song with a clubby beat.

One of them is Polish artist Patti, who Bobby of Don't Stop The Pop tipped me off to. Her version is a duet with a male singer named Stefano. Her version seems to have become available early this year. "Candy" isn't her only song worth hearing, though; check out electro "Press Play" and "Don't Waste My Time" her MySpace. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her.

The other is Romanian artist Claudia, who released her version late in 2008.

(If you know any versions--beyond the Play Productions demo--please let me know!)

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