Sunday, March 29, 2009

When the world comes alive, I'll be by your side

Do you remember Sylwia Chaliss? The Swedish model released a dance-pop album, Loud Enough, back in 2003. A few singles were taken from it, but the combined results of that campaign and the response to "Blinded By The Light," the 2005 Von Der Burg-penned lead single for her second album, weren't good enough to take her past that second album lead single (or at least that's my presumption based on the fact that she didn't release any further music).

"Meet You At Midnight," today's song, wasn't on her debut album, so I can only guess that it was intended for her second album. To tell the truth, I prefer it to "Blinded By The Light," though I can see how "Blinded By The Light" might be the more memorable of the two. At least in this form, "Meet You At Midnight" isn't the sort of Von Der Burg song that you can see having international success like September's "Cry For You" or Alcazar's "This Is The World We Live In," but it's the sort of song that went straight onto my iPod: a string-touched sweet catchy dance-pop song with a revvy beat underneath it, albeit a restrained one. "Meet You At Midnight" has fewer club influences than the work VDB generally does for September but isn't worlds removed from that sound; it's much less sweeping, though. Much of the difference may also be a result of Sylwia's voice: it isn't nearly as dark as Petra's, so "Meet You At Midnight" has a much lighter, fluffier, more carefree feel to its dance groove.

Edit: I got so caught up in writing that I didn't make clear that "Meet You At Midnight" might very well not be by the Von Der Burgs. "Blinded By The Light" is, but as for whether or not this song is, I couldn't say for sure.

I can't find anywhere online still selling Sylwia Chaliss's debut album, Loud Enough, but you can buy her single for "Check All Exits" here (physical).

Next up: maybe I'll write about one of those albums I've been saying I'll write about or do a run-through of some of the songs on my frequently played list right now.


Alexander said...

I never heard of her, which should give you an idea of how successful she was.

Damian said...

I hardly tried to remember where I know "Blinded By The Light" from and suddenly I realized that it was in medley cut on VDB myspace and that I couldn't recognize who sings this track. Thanx PG, I know now :) But "Meet You At Midnight" is more friendly to my player as well ;)

Don't you think that this girl comparing with Therese shouldn't be in duet with Danny?

Yuяi said...

This one's going straight to my ipod too! Love that beat; it catches you at 0:02. Great stuff!

Poster Girl said...

Alex, that's definitely the impression I had, though if even you hadn't, that's really saying something.

I agree with you! Of course, the first time I heard Danny and Therese perform "If Only You" as a duet, as much as I love Therese, I didn't think their version improved on the original, but I changed my mind pretty quickly. It's possible I'll do the same thing here, but I'm not expecting to--I prefer Therese's voice, for sure.

Yuri, I'm glad to hear it!