Monday, March 30, 2009

Drunk on margaritas

As much as I'm constantly raving about European music, there are moments when I realize how very American my tastes can be.

(Yes, I realize that's ridiculous generalizing and Europeans can like the above song and Americans can hate it.)

That was the Paradiso Girls--Robin Antin's (of the Pussycat Dolls) new girl group--with "Patrón Tequila," produced by Polow Da Don. And yes, I have been playing it again and again via YouTube. It has this drum part to it which reminds me a bit of "Captive," a rejected demo for the Pussycat Dolls--did Polow also do that?--but it's both trashier and better than that song...and I loved "Captive." There better be some dancing going on at the end of the music video with that extended instrumental ending. And how great would it be if this was another Polow production based around product promotion (if it's unintentional here, they sure better work out a deal quick)?

(For your reference, a Keri Hilson-sung version of this song leaked earlier under the title "Hey Girl.")


Paul said...

how dare you like american music!! :P hehe. For some reason i have an instinctive bad reaction to the pussycat dolls so the comparison made me play the vid with some trepidation. It's quite catchy though isn't it?!

Poster Girl said...

I have no real attachment to that group, but they did give us "Buttons" (as well as a few other great songs--"I Hate This Part," "Wait A Minute," to name two) so for me, there is at least a point to them ;)

Calen said...

there is something about this song

i am obsessed