Sunday, March 01, 2009

There can be no wrong or right

With Melodifestivalen songs now officially available for download, let's see how things stand on the Swedish iTunes chart:

Malena tops the chart, with only three non-MF songs--Depeche Mode, Lady GaGa, and James Morrison and Nelly Furtado--making it into the top ten. All the participants charting in the top 100 as of 3:30 PM EST:

1.) Malena Ernman, "La Voix"
2.) Måns Zelmerlöw, "Hope & Glory"
3.) Agnes, "Love Love Love"
4.) Alcazar, "Stay The Night"
6.) Velvet, "The Queen" (on sale for days now)
7.) Sarah Dawn Finer, "Moving On"
8.) Star Pilots, "Higher"
*Possibly my favorite part of the whole Swedish iTunes chart right now is that, though "In The Heat Of The Night," the group's earlier single, has reentered at #52--as is to be expected and with other artists' earlier singles doing the same thing--Boy Meets Girl's "Waiting For A Star To Fall" has also entered the iTunes chart at #53. Apparently a lot of people picked up on that similarity.
11.) Lili & Susie, "Show Me Heaven"
16.) Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng, "Killing Me Tenderly"
17.) H.E.A.T, "1000 Miles"
20.) Molly Sandén, "Så vill stjärnorna"
25.) Emilia, "You're My World"
32.) Maja Gullstrand, "Här för mig själv" (on sale for days now)
33.) Marie Serneholt, "Disconnect Me"
37.) Amy Diamond, "It's My Life"
39.) Nina Söderquist, "Tick Tock" (on sale for weeks now)
40.) Cookies 'n' Beans, "What If"
46.) Sofia, "Alla"
47.) Caroline af Ugglas, "Snälla Snälla"
58.) Rigo & the Topaz Sound feat. Red Fox, "I Got U"
67.) Jan Johansen, "Se på mig" (an entry from years past making an appearance due to Darin's performance of it during the interval act)
70.) Susanne Alfvengren, "Du är älskad där du går"
71.) BWO, "You're Not Alone (Oscar Holter Radio Mix)"
*charting higher than the ballad version of the song actually entered in the contest is this dance remix
83.) BWO, "You're Not Alone (Ballad Radio Edit)"
84.) Thorleifs, "Sweet Kissin' In The Moonlight"
85.) Lili & Susie, "Show Me Heaven (Oscar Holter Remix)"
*a great slightly edgier version of the song

Noticeable absences include E.M.D.'s "Baby Goodbye" which, though for sale elsewhere, hasn't been released to iTunes yet. Scotts' "Jag tror på oss" (which I actually really like) is available from iTunes but isn't in the top 100. Charting better than might be expected due to their placing are Velvet, Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng (though they're only doing better than one act that beat them in their semifinal final, showing either the strength of that fourth semifinal or that the fact that it just happened means more songs from it are being bought), Maja Gullstrand, and Marie Serneholt, with Nina Söderquist and Sofia also putting in showings better than might be expected from their results in the contest.

In reality, reading too much into these numbers would be silly...but what fun would that be? If we pretend they're an accurate representation of Swedes' preferred songs and ignore the fact that the duel system means almost anything can happen and lends itself towards strange results (see the huge number of votes in the Carola and Andreas vs. Nordman duel last year), that iTunes buyers don't necessarily coincide at all with telephone voters, and that having just watched the fourth semifinal Swedes are probably thinking more about those songs than those of past weeks, what would these chart placings mean would happen on Saturday?

Sarah Dawn Finer would easily beat Scotts and Lili & Susie would beat BWO. In the Sarah vs. Lili & Susie matchup, Sarah would win, qualifying to the final.

In the bottom half of the bracket, Star Pilots would beat Amy Diamond and Caroline af Ugglas would beat Rigo, with Star Pilots going on to beat Caroline and thereby qualifying to the final.


Paul said...

how great to see Star Pilots and Alcazar doing so well, but how sad (for me) that BWO are doing so poorly :(

Euro Sheep said...

Hmmm, if only things were as simple as the iTunes chart made them seem! Velvet would be in the final!!!

And I'm a bit upset with you :P you missed Cookies 'N Beans of the list who, as I write, are at number 40!

Damian said...

That's cool you put chart here. I don't have access to iTunes as it doesn't work in my country. I have a hope now that we'll see Sarah in final. I never expected Sweden can vote for opera-song and won't like Sarah's performances. That's interesting what will be chart picture in a week.
However I don't think that Sweden will put opera-song as winner though Malena's song is very beautiful. I don't feel energy of MF-winner in it, like in Alcazar, Mons, EMD and Sarah's performances.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I was surprised at the BWO be fair, their sales are split between two versions of the song, but so are those of Lili & Susie's "Show Me Heaven" (which BWO will face in the second chance round), and the main version of that is doing significantly better than either of BWO's song while the remix is doing only a few places worse than the main version of BWO's song.

I know (re: Velvet)! I should really have mentioned her in the "better than expected" category...I think I'll add her in as I go add in my shameful omission of Cookies 'n' Beans ;)

Damian, I wish iTunes would sort out its international deals everywhere. The main iTunes top 10 chart (though not the top 100) shows some changes as of now, with Agnes #1, Måns #2, Malena #3, and Sarah #5 (with Lili & Susie #10 and H.E.A.T #9)--surely that's got to be a good sign for Sarah!

beE said...

Hmmm, time to download it!!!:


love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

Bas said...

Agnes is supposed to be on the no1 spot now. Malena is still second though. I wouldn't be surprised when one of them would win Melodifestivalen this year. I'd rather have Mans, Alcazar or SDF but somehow I don't think those are very realistic choices (unfortunately)...

Jump! said...

I'm glad Maja Gullstrand is doing alright. I hate to say it but I think her song is my fave of all this year's melodifestival songs followed by Agnes and then Mans.

Rick said...

I am still surprised LA VOIX has proved to be so popular. It's a total novelty song. Bas, I'm with you - I'd love an SDF or Alcazar win, but the voting has been so mad this year who knows what will happen.

Adam said...

some of them are for sale on Canadian itunes. bought hope and glory just now as part of 3 album ep.

Bas said...

SDF was immediatly on sale on Dutch Itunes as well. I could not resist buying it and listening to the studio version last Sunday. It is amazing

Euro Sheep said...

The most hilarious thing of all now, is that the positions have all changed so the top 10 is mostly MF songs (damn Depeche Mode!)

1. Love Love Love
2. La Voix
3. Hope & Glory
4. Stay The Night
5. Baby Goodbye
6. Moving On
7. Higher
8. 1000 Miles
9. Show Me Heaven
10. grrr - Depeche Mode
11. The Queen

And "La Voix" is the only song (to my knowledge) which has been released on the UK iTunes...a good sign, I hope? :D

Len said...

On the broader Eurovision front, what do you think of "Always", the track just released today for Azerbadjian? I think Arash did himself proud and came up with a strong entry that reminds me of Helena Paparizou's early work with Antique.

Anonymous said...

MADONNA said...

Poster Girl said...

BeE, I'm in love with many of this year's entries, too!

Bas, I still haven't made up my mind about who I want to win, which is kind of a pleasant dilemma to have, in a way. I wish all the songs were released in all countries instantly, but I know that's a distant dream.

Jump!, if you love it, you love it! It is a nice song.

Rick, its popularity has surprised me, too--I really didn't think the Swedish public would send it straight to the finals, let alone love it this much and make it a contender to win the whole thing.

Adam, it's on the Canadian iTunes?! Great news! I'll have to check the U.S. one.

Euro Sheep, so close. If only it had come out a week earlier or later!

Len, I haven't had a chance to listen to it once and that once I definitely liked it but didn't adore it. I'll have to go listen again, though, plus then it was in low quality on YouTube; I think it may have some interesting little touches that come through more in better quality.

Anonymous, isn't the Oscar Holter remix of Lili & Susie's track pretty fun? The Skyylab remix of BWO's reminds me of September's "Satellites," but maybe they both just sample the same thing.