Saturday, February 28, 2009

Now we're all alone and the time is right

OK, one more post because I know how it can drive you crazy to not have that song you've been dying to have from the act you so love.

"I was never one to let the chances slip
With a boy like you at my fingertip(s)"


(Yes, there's something that sounds like a tiny jump at the beginning. Sorry, this is the only version I have, and it's still more than listenable. Ditto my comments below, though--please don't post this link around, just direct people here.)

Please, please buy the album (preorder link) if you like the song. If there's ever been a pop group more deserving of support, I'm not sure who it would be.


John said...

You are on a TEAR tonight! Loving the commentary, even though I don't really know much about it.

Resa said...

There are no words to how awesome you made my day with the Alcazar. I really cannot thank you enough. :)

Madam_Im_Adam said...

your a living legend!!!

thanks you have made my day!

Ive added u on my favorite blog lists! I would love to have the honor of linking with you!
your blog is superb!


Bas said...

Thanks Poster Girl :)

Paul said...

I said in comments (mine or yours - I forget!) that my beloved BWO may have some competition from Alcazar - the album cover, this near flawless song, all very amazing in the extreme. I'm busy ordering my fave melodifestivalen albums and singles right now, and am saving the listening up to have something new for my vacation in a few weeks :) Enjoyed your commentary!

Melodimen said...

Ooh ooh oh ooh!

Tack Poster Girl!

Great to visit your si-i- i-ite!

Euro Sheep said...

OK, I'm not allowing myself to download ANY of the songs for free so I'm currently appeasing the maniac within by listening to the 30 second clips on Swedish iTunes...I think that may be tantamount to trying to smoke cigarette butts off the floor but it's all I have at the minute!

Anyway, OMG they are amazing - I want the official album NOW!!!

Poster Girl said...

John, thank you so much for still reading (and for that comment)! I did go into writing overload yesterday--I think that's what happens when you get a great semifinal and my writing urge has been stored up over the busy weekdays.

Resa, you've helped me out with songs so often that it's the least I could do.

Aww, why, thank you! Any lover of Eurovision, Melodifestivalen, and good pop in general is always welcome to my blog roll.

Bas, no problem!

Paul, thank you and I'm glad to hear it! :D The music industry thanks you, I'm sure (well, they should--heaven knows the import fees alone mean the internet retailers should be thanking you at the very least!).

Melodimen, it's you I should be thanking for making me laugh every day.

...and speaking of laughing: Euro Sheep, the self-restraint you must have to torture yourself like that! Best analogy of the week?

Goggle said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the purchase link. Preordering the CD now, plus a few other things. I'll be upset that it costs and arm and a leg to ship to the US but I'm sure it will be well worth it.

Anonymous said...

listen to the sketchy b remix of Erik Hassle's Don't Bring Flowers After I'm gone, it's awesome: