Thursday, March 26, 2009

It was just a fling before--now, you're the one

Two very different songs I'm loving at the moment:

As far as rap (or grime) meets pop goes, we're in a pretty decent moment right now and British artist Tinchy Stryder's upcoming single "Number 1" looks to continue that trend. Here, the pop is vaguely electro, with some strings thrown in for good measure, but, good as the verses are, it's nearly all about the chorus, which is just really good catchy pop stuff. It's perfect for singing along, over-the-top gesturing, iPod play, radio play...just about anything. Co-writer Fraser T. Smith is really on a roll, as well as showing some writing diversity: he also wrote James Morrison and Nelly Furtado's "Broken Strings."

I have to thank Bobby of Don't Stop The Pop for giving me the go-ahead to write about Via Gra's "My Emancipation" since DSTP's Swedish season means he can't write about it right now. The song, a 2008 single from the Russian/Ukrainian group with enough line-up changes to easily put the Pipettes to shame, had me hooked from the moment that hard disco-electro beat kicked in--it's a bit like the sort of thing I'd expect Dimitris Kontopoulos to come up with, though it doesn't go for full-force punch in quite the same way. The music video, depicting a bank robbery, is full of synchronized strutting (including through a laser-filled chamber) and men falling to the ground at the mere sight of the girls, in addition to including what is probably the most amazing gun shot in music video history. Fabulousness personified? Oh yes.


Robpop said...

PPG...lets get married.

Poster Girl said...

Bobby, let's! But only if we can play "Alla flickor" at the reception.

Damian said...

Robpop, there's already huge queue so you should wait for your turn!))) Dear, I agree even if you'll ask to play "I Got You" all the wedding)))
Shame on me that I haven't seen Via Gra video before, yes, it's very cool video. If you're interested in other projects of Konstantin Meladze here are some of his last hits in Russia.
Bis - Katya
Vera Brezhneva (ex-Via Gra) - Ya ne igrayu (I don't play)
Valeriy Meladze & Anastasiya Prihod'ko - Bezotvetno
What a shame that being able to make well-produced pop-song with pleasant tunes this year Meladze provided such a weak song to present our country on ESC by Anastasiya Prihod'ko :(

Poster Girl said...

Oh, heaven forbid--if I want "I Got You" played at the wedding, you don't want to marry me ;) We can recite the lyrics of "Hero" as our vows instead!

Thanks for the links! Yes, I was definitely interested in hearing more. I liked them all!

...I was thinking the same think (about your ESC entry this year). It is a shame! :-/ Is it too late to swap it out?

Damian said...

Great idea about "Hero" reciting, it's gonna be perfect pop-wedding. And what about our wedding dance? "För att du finns"? Or mayby "I remember love"? ;)

Unfortunately it's too late :( Promotion of this song is already on its way. Well, if Meladze couldn't make what people wanted from him, I hope next year for some new project of Max Fadeev, his Savicheva and Serebro were cool, though Savicheva's performance was weak, she was just a beginner just issued from Stars' Factory. Or I don't mind from Viktor Drobysh projects - his Podolskaya and Koldun were qute strong contenders as well.

Poster Girl said...

Now that's a perfect wedding ;)

I love hearing about the guys behind the scenes! I'd welcome either of those returns, too, if those are the projects they're linked with.