Thursday, March 26, 2009

The art of giving back in style

Good news: the new single from Neo, the Swedish singer Don't Stop The Pop introduced blog world to, must be the Melodifestival-tastic "Flower Power Supergirl" since that song now has a music video. That's got to be the best choice he and his management could have made, so I'm very happy. Am I expecting success on Swedish radios? No, not really, but as a Swede pop lover, I hope the song gets a little more attention among similarly minded music fans as a result.

One, the album from which "Flower Power Supergirl" comes, can be purchased physically here or digitally here.


Robpop said...

Its brilliant! Simple, clear cut and very sexy. His gun however looks like a sex toy.

Wait, is that the pop video!!!???!!!! Lovely Crossover there! IT IS!!! SHES IN THE VIDEO!!!!! EXCELLENT!!! EXCELLENT!!!!

Ultimately this song should have gone to Melodifestivalen.

Or Higher...

eurovisionessex said...

If this song was rejected for Melodifestivalen then, I'm sorry, but the selection panel needs to be changed! I'm not sure it would have won or anything, but it certainly would have brought a great sound to the final.

Poster Girl said...

Bobby, it does look like that...and yes, very good cross-promoting! I agree, it should have--I love this song and "Higher" so much. I know it's probably not what "the people" were looking to send this year, but that doesn't mean it doesn't belong there.

It would have been a very welcome sound, you're absolutely right. It's especially a shame from a sales and promotion perspective for him, since songs like this don't usually take off without that Melodifestivalen-induced boost in Sweden. I think we need to nominate you for the panel, eurovisionessex.