Monday, February 02, 2009

...and today you accidentally called me "baby"

A bit of a mish-mash post for the moment.

"Sound Of Music," a song sung by Velvet which I posted on here a little while ago, will apparently be on Velvet's new album, despite the fact that I wrote at the time that the song was a demo for Lutricia McNeal. I can only guess that it was decided the song fit Velvet so well she should keep it (well, that and the fact that with her appearance in Melodifestivalen and Lutricia's still-stalled release of any new single, it seemed like there was more forward motion with Velvet's career). Even though the song's inclusion means we've heard at least six songs on the album ("Fix Me," "Chemistry," "Déjà Vu," "Take My Body Close," "Come Into The Night," and "Sound Of Music"), definitely know the title of one more ("The Queen," which we'll first get a taste of on February 20, since she's competing in the third Melodifestival semifinal), and have heard a track that we can guess is on the album but I don't think was every a proper single and so can't be sure about ("My Rhythm"), I'm thrilled about the news--it's a fantastic song. In celebration, here's another demo sung by Velvet, though this one really isn't for her, just her providing vocals on a track so it can be promoted to other artists. It's not quite as classy as "Sound Of Music," but it's fun if you're into everything dance-pop. Hopefully the date Velvet's official site announces as "preliminary," March 18, gets stuck to--we've been waiting forever for this album.

Johan Krafman's "Chain Reaction" is now officially released as a single. I'm incredibly nervous about how it'll do for him after "Disarmed"'s failure to properly take off, but I've got my fingers crossed for him. Buy it here (digital).

Lily Allen's new album is too fantastic to do a rushed write-up job for right now, but ahead of a proper review I have to mention that listening to songs like "Who'd Have Known" and "Chinese" makes me wish I was in a steady relationship in the most lovely wistful real world way possible, something even the lyrical content of "I Could Say" (almost unspeakably lovely) and "Not Fair" can't impede.


Aaron said...

I want this Velvet album now!! - It's going to be really good - if a bit familiar....

Damian said...

"Baby can I fix you?..." :)))
We've heard 7 songs by Velvet - don't forget My Rhythm ;)
Thanx so much for Superlove, yes, the song is not that strong but I lllllove Jenny's voice!!!

Paul said...

i am dying for your lily allen review. i listened to it three times now and i think i am ready to review :) Plus, yes i am appreciating velvet.

Alexander said...

I read in a sort of press release a while ago that the next single is called "Radio Star" so that's one more title to the list. I wonder if it's the track Ninja Sarasolo recorded?

Damian said...

I guess it was written on Bonnier site about single "Radio Star" that had to be released in the begining of the year. But maybe we'll get new Velvet's single already on 22th of February if she won't pass to Final or Andra Chansen. I hope that she will finally get to the final however.

Drew said...

Hey! I'm in desperate need of Sound Of Music by Velvet but its not on the blog anymore. IS there any chance you might re-upload it? Pretty please!!!!!

D'luv said...

Oh, I posted about Velvet today, too! Thought it was about the mix Pete Hammond is did for the upcoming U.K. release of "Chemistry".

Adem With An E said...

Looking VERY forward to the Lily review, I cannot get enough of it at the moment. And you're spot on about wishing you were in a steady relationship; I've been feeling exactly the same way on a couple of the tracks.

How immense is "Go Back To The Start"?

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, that's a good description that captures both parts.

"My Rhythm" is already in the list, Damian! :D I just put it in a separate part from the actual proper singles since I don't think it's been made commercially available yet.

Paul, thanks :) Your review was great! I really will do one, though it may take a little longer than it otherwise might due to some distracting contest or something ;)

Alex, interesting thought! We'll see. Ninja's version is a little more restrained than Velvet's usual style, but I can easily imagine it being danced up.

Drew, I'll try to do that in the next few days.

D'luv, I saw that! Almost left a comment like this one of yours.

VERY immense, Adem! Neither can I (get enough of the album).