Saturday, January 24, 2009

If I see a light flashing

Before finishing up with the top six songs of this countdown, I have to take a moment to talk about two songs.

First, Najoua Belyzel's "Au féminin." You may know Najoua from her brilliant 2006 singles like "Gabriel" and "Je ferme les yeux," '80's-inspired French electronic pop that made all those who heard it stop in their tracks and pay attention. She released a new single in 2007, but it didn't leave that much of an impression in France or on listeners. She's now back again with the proper lead single for her upcoming album...and I have to say, it's not quite what I was hoping for from her. It's as if the strength and power has gone out of Najoua's songs--everything's just been dialed back some. "Au féminin" is OK, but not instantly attention-grabbing. Still, I'm going to hope the new album has something I love more on it, since Najoua's first album had songs that made me so excited about her as an artist.

When Calvin Harris's new single, "I'm Not Alone," hit the Internet yesterday and got a positive response, I wanted to love it, wanted to be inspired to go running about raving about it to everyone, but didn't. Despite not feeling any attachment to "Acceptable in the '80's," never listening to his debut album, and thinking Kylie's "In My Arms" is overrated, I've found myself pretty pro-Calvin Harris for some reason (I do love "The Girls," but that surely can't be enough to explain it). Today, though, I've returned to it more and more. Maybe it's just a function of craving listening to new music as I near the end of this music writing version of NaNoWriMo, but its "euphoric," "Grandaddy, Snow Patrol, and Faithless" (to quote the man himself) sound--basically that '90's rave sound with Snow Patrol style vocals performed by an unrecognizable Calvin--is sinking in with me now and may be clicking in a big way.

There are other songs I'm eager to write about, but I'll leave those--and maybe more thoughts on these two--for the end of the countdown.


Mike said...

Girl, have you spent the ENTIRE day in front of the computer? Go outside and breath some fresh air before you die of carbon monoxide poisoning! Can't wait to see what claims your top spot X

Anonymous said...

Heyy its been a while.
Hope you are well.
I got back from Sweden a few days ago and have to say i was somewhat dissapointed by it unfortunately.
This mostly due to the fact it is by far the most expensiv place ive ever been and walking around in temperatures of -9c was not particulary fun.
However hearing Darin's 'Breathing Your Love' in one shop and 'Agnes - Release Me' in another was certainly a great moment.
Great countdown by the way.
Ive been rather on & off with 'Lady GaGa - Pokerface' lately, i think its the fact ive just heard it so much that by the time its out in the UK i wont be able to bear it.
By the way your really love this song.
Fantastic schlager pop at its very best, hopefully it will win the Danish Eurovision selection.


Poster Girl said...

What's that, Mike? I'm feeling faint... ;)

Agh, Conor, I'm so sorry to hear it was miserable weather-wise there for you and that you didn't enjoy it! Given that I was going to be living in northern Sweden, I'd mentally prepared for what I expected would be horrific temperatures and then found myself pleasantly surprised, but maybe that was just a matter of expectations! It's great to hear from you again. I do really like that song...of course ;) I need to do a big Eurovision round-up once I finish this up!