Saturday, January 24, 2009

#7 Rolf Junior feat. Anne Veski, "Liiga Noor"

Nii palju on asju millest sa veel ei tea

"Liiga Noor" is probably the living incarnation of a "stomper." I can't tell you the number of times I've turned the volume up just about as high as it can go and, hands over my head, jumped along to this song in my room. I'm still suspicious that it might be a cover (and if anyone knows that it is, please let me know!), but otherwise, why on Earth was this not submitted for Eurovision? With that heavy beat underneath it, it's far more insistent and catchier than a not-even-the-first-single from an unsuccessful Eurolaul contestant's album has the right to be. I can't talk up this song enough--I mean, dance-pop with a deep heavy but still bouncy edge to it that features Rolf and the much older diva Anne trading off vocals and a chorus whose key line is Anne singing "You are too young"? What more could you ask for from a song? I would literally pay money to see a music video for it. As is, I'll just have to settle for listening without visual accompaniment to this song that is approximately 5,000,000 times AMAZING.

You do really need to hear it in proper high quality to appreciate it fully, though. Oh, and as before, the translation of the lyrics can be read here.

"Ingel"/"Angel Eyes," another single from this album, is also pretty great.

Find it on: Ingel


kevin (ru) said...

BTW, Anne Veski still holds a cult status in ex-USSR since her Soviet era popularity.

Poster Girl said...

Kevin! Oh, you don't know how great it is to hear from you again!

Does she really? I had no idea!

kevin (ru) said...

She does!
It's my great pleasure to comment your post again, PPG! I'm still kinda out being broken-hearted, but keeping an eye on your posts all the time.

Poster Girl said...

Broken-hearted? Oh no...that's the worst place to be. You've got my best wishes and most positive thoughts. I hope your heart doesn't demand too much more time before it starts feeling a little less raw.