Friday, January 02, 2009

#92 Lulu Lewe, "Crush On You"

(Crush crush)
I feel so dizzy
Oh boy, ever time you're near me

You really can't go wrong with a Giorgio Moroder sample in a modern song. Not that I'm very knowledgeable about Moroder, but I think I'd have adored his work if I was alive and aware in the '70's and '80's and welcome it in any modern context or any vehicle that will get me to appreciate it. The younger sister of Sarah Connor, Lulu Lewe did the latter with her teen pop song "Crush On You." With its revving electro beat, it didn't have to be hugely innovative to be enjoyable--catchy and crunchy was enough. "Crush On You" never wore out its welcome for me; it's a fun, even exciting listen all the way up to today.

Find it on: Crush On You (Single)

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gomi no sensei said...

yon't need to have ever lived in the 70's to find stuff like "from here to eternity" or osts such as "scarface" or "american gigolo" utterly classics.
he's a true electro pioneer without whom the likes of underworld or erlend oye or everyone else wouldn't ever have existed(another one is arthur russell__ these guys are true visionaries, their music never grows old).
best wishes to your blog.