Saturday, January 03, 2009

#85 Cyndi Lauper, "Into The Nightlife"

I'll take ya till you're all spun up
Turn ya over baby till it's never enough
I'll take ya till you're all spun up
And in love
Into the nightlife

Cyndi Lauper goes to Sweden on the second single from her latest album, and boy, what a line-up of songwriters she gets here: Max Martin, a living legend who needs no introduction; Johan Bobäck, whose work this year also included Elin Lanto's "Speak 'n Spell" and Darin's "Seasons Fly;" Peer Åstrom, who has done many songs, among them Madonna's "Get Together," Alesha's "Lipstick," and the production on Celine Dion's version of "I Drove All Night;" and Cyndi herself, and let's face it, anyone who can write "Time After Time" is a songwriter to be reckoned with. The beat of "Into The Nightlife" is a mix of jangling chain-type sound effects and synths from the dancefloor with a chorus that is just pure pop bliss. Cyndi's unique voice is a perfect match for the song and the song is a perfect match for it--the end result is a song that stands out far more than it would have in another singer's hands but remains fully accessible, a collision of dance and pop that celebrates the night life even more than its lyrics state by making a song so perfect for the thing it's celebrating.

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Anonymous said...

a GREAT song here...
I have really been enjoying your countdown! so many new songs that ive never heard of. i downloaded a few and bought quite a bit more. thanks for introducing me to new stuff!

Poster Girl said...

Thank you! That's so fantastic to hear--I'm glad you're enjoying it.

It was great to see Cyndi return with a great song in a modern sense and a song worthy of her. I keep meaning to buy She's So Unusual or some of her earlier albums--I really should.

Mike said...

Girl, you need Cyndi's first two albums at least. Utter perfection!

As is "Into The Nightlife" - I just love this!

Poster Girl said...

Mike, I think I may have to go spend some of my iTunes money! Her first two are her best (well, I know She's So Unusual is supposed to be a classic, but I wasn't sure where to go after that)?