Saturday, January 03, 2009

#84 The Killers, "Spaceman"

The storm maker says it ain't so bad
The dream maker's gonna make you mad
The space man says everybody look down
It's all in your mind

Catchy pop-rock with a synth dusting and the use of a repeated nonsense syllable (here, "oh")? You know I'm there. The second single from the Killers' third album, "Spaceman" isn't as dark in sound as some of the songs from the group's first album, but it is a little musically darker than "Human," the song that marked the group's return. That said, and despite the lyrics about an alien abduction, the key here is that "Spaceman" is a lot of fun. It's also another song where almost every element has been honed for ultimate catchiness, where you can see a great band at work. Percussion (whether handclaps or the build into the chorus), synths, guitar, vocal line--every riff and roll is just what it should be.

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Aaron said...

Yes - Very, very pretty! It's growing on me!

Poster Girl said...

I keep hoping I'll be able to say the same about the for a few tracks, it hasn't yet, though :(