Saturday, January 03, 2009

#81 Same Difference, "We R One"

Together! Together! We're coming undone
Together! Together! Baby, we are one

Oh, this song deserves to be higher. For today, though, #81 will have to do for the should-be-more-successful British brother-sister duo who rose to fame via X Factor. They may have kept us waiting a year for music from them, but they spent that time wisely, convincing Swedish songwriter Jörgen Elofsson to make them his once every other year vehicle for pop music that's something other than a version of the usual Idol ballad (and getting Quiz & Larossi to produce, apparently). "We R One" is frequently compared to the music of High School Musical and I wouldn't argue with that, though it's at least as much Melodifestival entry as anything else--"We R One" could easily be a song from, say, Swedish duo Fame. "We R One" is a bit odd in that it's part ballad and part up-tempo pop song, and I'm not just referring to the pure ballad opening there--the rest of the song really is a mix of the two in feel. It's a good thing, though, adding up to an uplifting pop song that gave us the best dance routine of the second half of the year: the fist in the air with foot to the side done twice followed by a move kind of like jumping rope, also done twice. Amazing.

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Paul said...

sigh, the lovely same difference. they should indeed be higher, but i'm just happy to see that they make it onto your list. I'm happy to have got an album out of them to be honest, though I suspect their future may lie in presenting tv if their pop career doesn't take off. And i might ultimately be ok with that :)

Poster Girl said...

It's amazing that you can be that collected about their future, Paul. I'm impressed!