Sunday, January 04, 2009

#76 Marie Picasso, "Winning Streak"

(There is a real music video, but it's unembeddable--view it here for a better idea of what the song really sounds like)

I try to recall, how did we get here?
Must be something out of my control
Out of my hands, out of this world
We're keepin' in that way

Swedish Idol winner commercially and critically outdone by the runner-up releases a slightly Celine Dion-esque uplifting ballad of a mid-tempo track. No one notices how good it is. That's the basic story of "Winning Streak," which starts out as a fairly traditional ballad before picking up pace and expanding, and Marie Picasso, generally ignored in favor of second place finisher Amanda Jenssen's '60's-styled pop. And yet, for all that Amanda is cooler, probably more creative, probably more exciting, and with some great tracks to her name, the simple feel good vibe of "Winning Streak"--MOR or not--is one I kept returning to.

Find it on: The Secret

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