Sunday, January 04, 2009

#75 Salem al Fakir, "It's Only You (Part II)"

Shouldn't tell you all I got inside but I just need to get it out
Let me say it if you don't mind
It's only you I think about

A reworked version of an album track, "It's Only You (Part II)" would, in a just world, bring Swedish singer-songwriter Salem al Fakir the sort of success "With Every Heartbeat" brought Robyn. With a new backing track inspired by the gentle side of dance but with piano and beautiful strings, the song has become completely enchanting, a delicate but not fully ballad love song that makes the world feel like a place worth celebrating. It's a song of pure undiluted quality, and the shortest way to sum it up is this: there's magic in it.

Find it on: It's Only You (Part II) (Single) (available in some iTunes stores under the name Salem; the original version is on This Is Who I Am)


EuropeCrazy said...

What can I say Poster Girl? Your description of this song is as magical and enchanting as the song itself.

Paul said...

bobbypops and I were JUST discussing this track on MSN and looky at you way ahead of the times of course. You forward thinking minx you :P

Poster Girl said...

I'm still struggling to come up with the adjectives it deserves! I can't thank you enough for introducing me to it.

Paul, I'd like to claim credit...but it's all thanks to Europe Crazy. I love that Bobby loves it too, though--it's been great to see it written about on DSTP!

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for the credit - I just want to spread the word about Salem's music because he really is a major talent. Keep on visiting Planet Salem for all the news about this fabulously talented artist.

Delighted that Bobby loves the song too, and I love what he wrote about it on DSTP.