Tuesday, January 13, 2009

#45 Wiz Khalifa, "Say Yeah (Radio Edit)"

I ain't countin' my dough--I came to blow it all

No, this is not a joke. It would be easier for me if it was, but alas, much as I enjoy the comedy appeal of this song, I actually have a great time listening to it, too. The aforementioned comedy appeal--which doesn't appeal at all for most people--comes from the fact that this song is basically just a rap song thrown on top of Alice Deejay's '90's dance classic "Better Off Alone," complete with ridiculous lyrics about throwing money in the air (which I always mime doing when listening to this song, even if I'm out in public and have to find some way to hide it). That fact may make the song less transcendent, but, much as what makes the song is still that dance backing track, I actually think the vocals here are catchier than those originally added on top of the dance instrumental and make the song a lot more fun (as well as silly and trashy). Yes, both dance and rap fans (world: or just fans of music!) will probably hate this song--the latter because I expect Wiz Khalifa's rapping will hardly be held up as the year's best--but this is the version of the song I'm most likely to play.

Find it on: Say Yeah (Single)

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