Tuesday, January 13, 2009

#44 Magnus Carlsson, "Walking In My Shoes"

You'll come around to the sound of my heart
The sound of my heartbeat

Thank goodness for Magnus Carlsson--there aren't nearly enough male popstars making really poppy pop that comes straight from the discotheque (nor enough male pop artists who actually listen to amazing music in their free time). Having delivered to us a-ha's "Take On Me" crossed with Bosson for his 2007 Melodifestival entry "Live Forever" and then pursuing a baffling release order for the follow-up singles, he returned to promote his greatest hits with this song that made you feel as if Alcazar never left...actually, a song better than many a great Alcazar single. With a "Can You Feel It" sample, "Walking In My Shoes" is the sort of good-times uplifting over-the-top pop that'll have you jumping up and down and singing along as if it's some sort of disco anthem before your first listen is over. Magnus has a great pop voice and can be a great popstar--I couldn't be happier that songwriters Anton Malmberg and Felix Persson gave him a song this great, this fun, and this needing of an artist like him as a vehicle in order to be released.

(This song should be way higher up in this list, incidentally.)

Find it on: Re:Collection 1993-2008


Paul said...

It's such a great song and it sort of got lost for me in that pre Christmas rush, when tons of songs tend to hit the internet. I am rediscovering it now and bopping along on the way to work to it, along with the ace Another Rainbow (that Live Forever album was handled so - well not poorly, but not perfectly in terms of singles) and the unnecessary but makes me smile YMCA. Now bring on a new album!

Poster Girl said...

"What About Love" as a BONUS TRACK was such a pop injustice--it's absolutely fantastic. "Don't You Worry" is my big "winter favorite" from that album--it's so sweet. I have a feeling a new album will be quite a while in coming, so enjoy what we've got for now :-/

Stephen said...

I love this song. Do you know where you can download the MP3 from? You can't get it in the US.