Saturday, January 24, 2009

#10 Katy Perry, "Hot N Cold"

I should know
That you're no good for me

As I said back when I first wrote about this song last March, after her still-refuse-to-name-it first single, it was going to take something amazing to get me to like Katy Perry's music.

And "Hot 'n Cold" was that something.

The sound of Max Martin and Dr. Luke setting aside their straightforward pop-rock formula for a moment to create a song that bounced along with a fizzy pop energy and attitude-including lyrics that managed the amazing task of being both completely Katy Perry and not repellent--taking her persona and actually making it work for the song--"Hot 'n Cold" was so irresistibly fun that I couldn't help being drawn in by it. To be fair, it's not a full rejection of that Max/Luke pop-rock template, but more a refining of it, taking out most of the guitars, replacing them with electronic elements, and speeding everything up just a little bit. Jason Nevins-remixing the template, in other words. Or sharpening up the sound of Paris's "Nothing In This World," giving it a little bite. Whatever comparison you want to make, though, "Hot 'n Cold" still came across as fresh, a bit feisty, and, most importantly of all, fun.

Of course, then Katy had to go and release "I Kissed A Girl" and ruin everything.

(Except not quite, as I later found some of the songs on the album to be decent.)

Find it on: One Of The Boys


Yuяi said...

I didn't like Katy Perry either until hearing "Hot N Cold"...I'm so glad you mentioned that you didn't either. But there's no denying the song is FIERCE.

Mike said...

"Hot N Cold" was definitely one of the best songs of 2008. It's hilarious that some of the Katy haters are now falling over themselves to praise Kelly Clarkson's new song - seeing as it's an inferior line by line remake of this!

Paul said...

Oh Mike, i can't agree with kelly's song being an inferior remake of this. True, i actually quite like this song, and it absolutely kills me that it's Katy that sings it. Still it works. The cute boy in the vid. the cheap as chips dance routine that helen keller could learn. Admit it though, Katy looks positively RIDDLED in the video :P

Poster Girl said...

Yuri, it's true--it is!

Mike and Paul, so far I'm at the "you can hear elements of the sound Dr. Luke and Max Martin have kept evolving into in MLWSWU--it's not just the straight up pop-rock they did with Kelly in the past, since it's got that buzz to it--but it's different enough that I enjoy it on it's own" point. I do love Kelly's voice, though, so that always helps, and the cheesy drum roll over the chorus near the end always gets me. I do love the video for "Hot N Cold."

Aaron said...

Basically - It boils down to this.

Love the song. Hate her.