Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now

I think I've made pretty clear in the past that I both have severe reservations about K.P. (and that was before I even heard "I Kissed A Girl") and ADORE "Hot 'N Cold" . All the buzz I'd heard about her album was that there was nothing to rival "Hot 'N Cold" on it, which meant I dodged the majority of the "well, is it OK to listen?" dilemma; all I had to do was be frustrated whenever she appeared on TV singing "I Kissed A Girl" or newspapers ran thinly-veiled promotional articles about, say, her style or something and I felt fairly free to enjoy "Hot 'N Cold" in peace.

Last weekend, though, I was forced to listen to her debut album--well, saying "forced" makes it sound a lot more extreme than it was--just being in the car with someone who was listening to it. As I said on Fizzy Pop, I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I shouldn't have been (surprised, that is), since I'd found out earlier on that she sang the demo for Miley Cyrus's "Breakout," a song I like (despite some offputting first verse lyrics) in a style I'm generally open to hearing more of from anyone--kind of Go-Go's-esque. I wouldn't say the album is all killer no filler by any stretch, but--though the "no rival to 'Hot 'N Cold' statements are right--there are things to enjoy there, though slightly more on the pop-rock side of things than either of her first two proper singles are.

I think "Waking Up In Vegas" is my (non-"Hot 'N Cold") track of the moment from it; the bridge and chorus are just the right kind of melodic power pop/pop-rock. It's not propelled forward quickly like "Breakout" nor electro-buzzy and jumpy like "Hot 'N Cold" and any "shake shake shake" is far from the gleeful chant of Metro Station's "Shake It," but it's no ballad either. If Miley isn't going to be our next Go-Go's, could (gulp) Katy? Or maybe she's the morning after the Go-Go's, when, with the previous night's parties over, you're left putting the pieces back together. Most of them are still whole, enough for the melody, the attitude, and some of the fun to be recoverable, but a few--that sugar rush and some of that untameable backing beat--are too shattered to be saved, and added into the mix are a few new pieces which you're can't figure out if you're proud of or regret.

To buy her latest album, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe that British song or Spanish song.


Aaron said...

You've Crossed To The Dark Side!!!

No - I can't stand to borrow Paul's words - "The Harlot Who Cannot Be Named" at all - I doubt she ever has kissed a girl - there is just something about her that is so fake!

I love Hot N Cold though - That's one of my guilty pleasures!

John said...

I am curious, but I just can't bring myself to listen to it. And my life seems complete still, so I think I'm good.

Paul said...


But i see where you are coming from :)

Yuяi said...

I had serious reservations about KP too. But I also adore Hot N Cold, and I have to admit the album, when I heard it once ages ago, surprised me in that it was not utterly terrible, save for a few songs.

Poster Girl said...

No, I completely agree about her first two singles and the fakeness that surrounds "I Kissed A Girl"...I've been anti-the first one from the moment I first heard (and while you all won't refer to her by name, I won't refer to that song by name) about it and still think it's offensive.

John, I'd have to say your life is complete without it, yes--"Hot 'N Cold" is the only must-listen, I'd say.

Paul, save me from my American music tastes!

Yuri, I'm glad someone at least kind of agrees with me on some songs :D Thank you!

will said...

Kudos to you PPGirl! I respect someone unafraid to admit they like KP. I love the girl and she is talented; she's done well for herself and worked hard for it.

In life we all have to sell out now and then; she's doing her music on her own terms. Even if it means pretending to like kissing girls.

I hope they release "thinking of you" next. radio is missing a POWER BALLAD... actually "if i were a boy" is already filling that void.. but still... :p