Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't lie--I know that you can hear me


When I woke up this morning, I was hoping to finally be able to hear Magnus's new single via Flipp eller Flopp (no way I was waking up to hear it on Rix Morronzoo); it wasn't played, but I was surprised to find that something I didn't realize was coming out this early was (that's a radio rip, obviously, and therefore not full audio quality). It's an interesting choice for lead single, especially since if it's not played he's setting himself up for some awful puns. I don't know that it's as big and statement-like as "Tokyo," but I love this style of song--big swooshy dance-pop--enough (and repeated nonsense syllables--here, "oh oh ohoh"--enough) that I think I was always going to be at least partly on board with any followup in the same style as his debut. I'll probably have a more thought-out and lived opinion and judgement in a little while.

This single comes out November 12 and can be preordered here (physical), but in the meantime, you can buy his excellent debut album here (physical) or here (digital).

Edit: as a bit of an update, Aftonbladet ran an article about him today. He says E.M.D. definitely haven't split up but his solo album will come out Christmas Eve. "Radio" is written by Michael Zitron and Andreas Carlsson has written and produced a track on the album, "Utopia."He has written several of the tracks (including one called "Turn Of The Sound") and says the album is "more him," but he still describes it as a party album, music to dance to, but just with more meaningful lyrics.

Next up: maybe that Spanish song or British song.


Resa said...

I love Dance!Danny! This excited me way too much.

Now if only Elin Lanto's album would come out really soon, life would be complete!

Bas said...

clip sounds quite HQ btw, thanks! Cool to know that the record will be released before the end of the year :)

Paul said...

Yay. New Danny! I am quite pleased with it. New Darin! new Same Difference! it's quite the weekend for ace new pop/pop videos :) me likey. Danny looks quite decent with his haircut!

Poster Girl said...

I'm so glad he's back! I know...February is so far away and if the rumors are true that she's being lined up as singing that Melodifestivalen song Brolle pulled out, I expect the album could be pushed back even more.

It's definitely good news! :D

Oh Danny's hair...I don't know what he's thinking sometimes. It really is a great weekend for pop!

Anonymous said...

Really loving this song.
It took a few listens for it to grow but im addicted to it now.
Decembers going to be an immense month for albums im sure, as i havent been wowed by many albums this year.
'Stanfour, Amanda Jenssen, Ferras & Kate Ryan' are the only four which stand out as great so far.

Poster Girl said...

I never listened to the Stanfour album! It's great? (I'm still envious of you getting to go to Sweden, by the way ;) )