Monday, December 08, 2008

What they dream about I get for free

Writing about one of this blog's early obsessions (Ben Adams) a few days ago has got me in the mood to recap what some of the others (those I haven't written about recently--it doesn't necessarily mean I've stopped liking them...though it doesn't mean I haven't)--are up to. Incidentally, I've never gone back and tagged this blog's first half-year of life or so, so the tags for this post won't necessarily be too helpful until I finally get around to doing that.

In February, Gareth Gates is going to be playing Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat somewhere. Awww. You know I'd end up buying tickets if I was in London (well, presumably that's where it is), right? Tyler James-penned "Absolutely" from his second album is still a-maz-ing (as are many other of his songs, but that's album-track-more-people-should-really-know-about are some of his other songs).

Speaking of musicals, apparently Darius is up for some award for his performances in the West End. I'd rather have new commercial pop music...

Alex Vargas (I was obsessed with "Diamonds In The Dirt") is the lead singer in Xenomania-backed band Vagabond. Most of what I've heard from them isn't really my sort of thing--it's this kind of lazy (not as in no effort, but as in the vibe it gives off) soul-funk mix and in most cases doesn't show Xenomania influence at all--but limited single release "More Than You Can Take" (on YouTube) is sort of an interesting falsetto-featuring sort of soul-dance-indie mix; I like it enough that if I had any ability to play a vinyl single, I'd probably have bought it. First proper lead single "Sweat Until The Morning" (clip on their MySpace) doesn't get me excited, but it's due out next year, with plans for an album in summer. Maybe they're holding off from putting the great stuff on MySpace? I'd like to be enthusiastic, but I'm not yet.

The Click Five, creators of probably/possibly my favorite album ever (as of now), are messing about in Asia. At least they're still together! This despite replacement lead singer Kyle having apparently gone on a solo acoustic tour this summer/fall. I've got a giant post about them that I'll probably dig out at some point.

Speaking of TC5, original lead singer is still writing songs for his solo career. So that solo acting and music career is really working out, huh? Such a good thing you left the group... Neither party is as strong as they were together. "Go into the record industry so I can steal the pre-singer switch demos for the second album" is still my fallback career plan.

Matt Willis, in between being a TV presenter, is apparently writing songs for a new album. He's not with his old--or any--record company anymore, but I'd still love to hear more music from him in whatever context and however it's distributed. The era of his first solo album really was excellent--even the b-sides were great. I may feel a proper Matt flashback post coming on...

Also on the ex-Busted front, James Bourne apparently finished up his debut solo album just days ago--eleven songs and "100% electronic," "NOT a rock album"--it has no guitars except for at the end of one song. Out early next year. There's a version of one of the songs on his MySpace, but apparently the version on the album is mixed differently.


Suki said...

Gosh. I haven't commented on here for ages. But great to see you still writing about the lovely Gareth. I love him and his second album is still aces.
To the present though - he made his west end debut a few months back in a gala performance with songs from a new musical Soho Cinders. It got good reviews, so I have big hopes for him being in that if it ever hits the West End as a full musical. There's a live CD out of the gala - A spoonful of Stiles and Drew.
At the moment he is Prince Charming in Panto in Wimbledon and taking over the role of joseph in the West End in february.
I would think we are not going to get any new music for a long time (sadly) but its great to see him doing so well. Oh, and first baby due in April.
Keep up the good work!! and thanks for pointing me in the direction of Tiziano Ferro's new stuff a while back.

Paul said...

ooo good catch up - i am going to see Monsieur Gates play Joseph, though the last time i booked to see a musical specifically to see an artist in it, they went and got an understudy in that day. Thanks very much Diana DeGarmo. And i was wondering about TC5 the other day. How i miss them. Their first album is amazing, and actually the second grew on me quite a bit, but you are right, they are strongest together. Love your fall back career plan!!

Thnairg said...

Wow ... The Click Five, Gareth, Matt Willis, and even long-lost James Bourne, all in the same post! Gotta love it. I traded in Matt's CD awhile ago, but am beginning to have itches of regret about doing so. (I think its "dirty" sound just caught me off-guard.) And I can't decide which Gareth album is my favorite....

But James Bourne going electronic? Funny ... always imagined him doing the guitar-singer/songwriter thing. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that a collaboration album between James Bourne and Tom (McFly) Fletcher would be fantastic? That's a pairing I've had on my "dream duets" list for awhile now.


Nikki said...

The Click five are so huge here that it's really really annoying, they're everywhere and there was a point when like 3/4 of my classmates blast out their songs all day. I loved their first album, it was full of pop confections but when their first lead singer left, they became this bunch of FOB/Panic At the Disco wannabes.

There's ONE good track on their second album I think, but even that isn't as good as the stuff they had on their first. That was an amazing album..

Rick said...

I was witness to Darius' performance in the musical of GONE WITH THE WIND. Yeah, you read correctly.

The show was just OK, not the huge disaster everyone made it to out to be, but Darius was really the best thing in it. I finally understood why people find him sexy.

Maybe Darin will appear in the Swedish production.

Poster Girl said...

Suki, it's fantastic to hear from you! I'm glad I could keep you updated on Tiziano--it's mainly thanks to you I was interested in him. Which reminds me that I've been meaning to post about that album of his for a while did I miss the news about the baby? I have no idea! Thank you so much for the update--I really wish him all the good luck in the world and would love to see him perform.

Ha, thank you, Paul--realistic option, no? You do absolutely have to let me know how Joseph is--you know how much I like that musical!

T, I was absolutely surprised to read that about James's new musical direction, too. Tom and James (and Danny) have written some great songs together, though I'm still not sure about "Do Ya" from the latest McFly album. I adore Tom and Danny's voices together, but I'd definitely be interested in a Tom/James duet.

Nikki, it's as if all the fun and most of the synths left with him! Which is odd, seeing as he was barely a songwriter on that first album. I absolutely know what you mean.

Rick, I burst out laughing at that last line. That would be an...interesting casting choice!