Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kungen för natt

One of the few good things about not being a Swedish speaker is that I can pretty much ignore awful Swedish lyrics. That can be particularly useful whenever Markoolio, a kid-oriented rapper, manages to come up with a good song--since the only time I ever have a chance at understanding Swedish lyrics anyway is when I really focus and even then I'll usually miss most of them, all I have to do is not think about it and I can just take the instrumental part and the sound of the words on their own merits. That doesn't really sort out the issue of Markoolio's voice, which is constantly in this probably put-on state of oddness, and there are times when to naturally and easily understand his lyrics would be wonderful (see "Värsta Schlagern," for example, and he may have some genuinely funny lines in his songs), but in general, it all adds up to a situation which allows me to appreciate a handful of his songs. As I've noted in the past, he's smart enough to rely heavily on female-sung hooks, which only makes it easier to appreciate some of his choruses.

I'm on the record as loving "Värsta Schlagern" and "Emma Emma" (one of those cases where not being a Swedish speaker comes in handy) and I like "Idollåten" from his previous album as well, but "Markoolio Anthem," the latest single from his new album, is decent as well, mainly because it's been so dressed up in Eurobeats and includes that whole Boney M/Lady GaGa "ma ma ma ma" section.

"Vacker & Rik," in its best moments, keeps the Euro feel of "Markoolio Anthem" and plays it up even more--just listen to that catchy chorus and tell me you aren't left wishing the whole song was in that style. Once again, it's mainly in the hands of some female singer, but even Markoolio's raps work better there, to the point where I find them great--they're more melodic, catchier, and surrounded by strong almost dance-disco type beats, as well as almost part of a back-and-forth with the female singer, albeit only an A-B-A one. Surrounded by catchy Europop music and female vocals--that's how I tend to like Markoolio best, and that's what this song gives us, at least for its chorus...and it's a good enough chorus that I've been listening to the whole song just to get to it.

To buy Markoolio's new album, Jag är konst, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Thing I learned about Markoolio today: he and Velvet used to be a couple. Random.

Next up: maybe that American singer, finally, or a French singer making a return to the music scene.


Alexander said...

I hate this man with all my heart.

Damian said...

Wow, I didn't know Velvet and Markoolio were together!!!

Markoolio's album is quite pleasant, but I've expected more of pop-sound like in "The Markoolio Anthem".

Damian said...

Well, we have not only one pair on MF (I mean Mons and Marie) ;)

Today rumors are that "Killing Me Tenderly" will be sung by duet Anna Sahlin+Maria Haukaas Storeng and last wildcard is finally gonna be E.M.D. with Michel Zitron song (If Only You, Jennie Let Me Love You, Radio). Firstly I thought - YESSSSSSSSS!!!! It won't be some boring typical boys-band's ballad as I expected but some really cool pop-song with loads of drive. But then I've thought that Michel's songs are great but I don't see any of them like MF-winner, it lacks of some cool development that makes song growing from start till the end. "If Only You" developes but there were Vincent Pontare as co-author and he knows how to make song growing from the beginning till the end.
Well, it's too early to predict artist, song and author, hope we'll know for sure on Wednesday :)

Anonymous said...

I've never quite understood who Markoolio's fans are. Sure, the kids love him, but his sales are bloody enormous. His singles are always the most sold of the year, his albums sell really and he's had more number one singles than Britney and ABBA put together. Yet he's generally quite hated.

Like Alexander, I highly dislike him. I don't think he's funny and he's very annoying as a person. And he was in the worst Swedish tv-program of all time - Hem till Midgård. He's released some brilliant songs, though! I loved his singles from last year, like "Värsta Schlagern" and "Ingen Sommar Utan Reggae". "Vi Drar Till Fjällen" is a classic as well.


Poster Girl said...

Alex, I absolutely 100% understand why that would be! I filled this post with as many caveats and qualifications as I could--sort of a "liking a song despite the singer" sort of thing. You know how some people would say the Sunshine Girls should leave Gunther and go solo as a way of expressing the fact that they like the parts of songs they sing and can't stand him? That's kind of how I am with Markoolio--it's the female singers around him in his songs that make the songs worth hearing.

Damian, that would be big news! Can it really happen (Anna + Marie, I mean)? I'm not sure how to feel about it...I do love Anna...and Marie is lovely...but I'm not sure what they add up to. I'm still not in love with E.M.D.'s music either, but I'm open to being won over.

Chris, your description paints a picture that goes along pretty well with the image I had of him and Sweden's reaction to him, but that, not being Swedish, I wasn't sure of (and more #1 singles than Britney and ABBA together?!). "Ingen Sommar" felt like it was on the radio so much! I'm not familiar with the last song you named but, if it's a classic, I'll have to go look it up.

Mike said...

I don't really give a shit about this cunt but I'm dying to get my hands on that shiny silver tracksuit. How ghetto fabulous!

Poster Girl said...

Mike, you'd look amazing in one, I'm sure--I'll keep my eyes open for one for you!

Poster Girl said...

...although I should add that of course anyone would look amazing in a shiny silver tracksuit. I mean, how could you not?