Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wanna be, wanna be everything that you need

If you think Danny's getting anything other than the Darin treatment until his album comes out, you are wrong. The video below is of Danny signing copies of Set Your Body Free (if you order it from his official site, you get an autographed copy; tragically, that's not where I pre-ordered mine, so I will be getting no silver-penned heart), but for our purposes what matters is that it includes what sounds like clips of three new songs. I'm not sure what the first one is, but the next two have got to be "Unite This Heart" and "Set Your Body Free."

In other news, no expense was spared on the music video for Star Pilots's "The One And Only."


Paul said...

*falls to floor with giddiness*

too much amazingness. i have a non sexual crush on Danny. And after JLS Star Pilots are my new boyband of choice. Sorry EMF or whatever you are called. Sheesh, i only popped over to rob the Darin christmas song link!

Robpop said...

I KNEW IT!!!! I KNEW IT!!! When i first saw that title...Set Your Body Free...is originally...by.......a boyband called Avenue! Actually...they just did it on myspace. Then they lost the boy (who used to be in Pop!...aka Jamie), and they got signed by Island and went with a different sound..thus dropping Set Your Body Free. Only to be picked up by Danny. When I saw that songtitle a few weeks ago here..i thought perhaps! But now...its 100%

Poster Girl said...

Paul, if Danny's new album is great, Danny solo will stay ahead of Danny as the D in E.M.D. for me.

Bobby, that's absolutely no joke FASCINATING! The only Avenue songs I know are "Last Goodbye" and...umm...whatever that one they released for free after "Last Goodbye" was. I wish Jamie had stayed in the group, though maybe he'll show up in a successful pop group somewhere down the line. I wonder who the songwriters are? Was their version slightly less dancey than this one sounds like it is? You know I'm fascinated by the inner workings of the recording industry, so this is news I'll be thinking over for a while. Great call on your part! And based on little information, too.

What with the whole revelation from Popjustice that "I Won't Forget" (first covered by Jacques and then that Belgian Idol contestant...Nathalie, maybe?) was originally done by 365, it's been an interesting week or so for boy band song origin revelations.

Bas said...
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Yuяi said...

PPG, you ain't kidding about the Star Pilots video. Lots of $$ and very nice indeed!