Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All you gotta do is call on me

Robpop (thank you, Bobby!) pointed out in the comments that Danny's "Set Your Body Free" was originally recorded by Avenue. As Bobby writes...

They just did it on myspace. Then they lost the boy (who used to be in Pop!...aka Jamie), and they got signed by Island and went with a different sound..thus dropping Set Your Body Free.

As you all know, this sort of stuff fascinates me. I haven't heard Avenue's version of the track, but it looks like the dance routine below (not from Avenue themselves but rather Brian Friedman) may featuring it.

Man, do I wish I could dance. Anyway, I know I've not heard good quality or full versions of either of the songs, but I'm kind of leaning towards the Avenue version now...it's got kind of a...I don't know, a harder edge to it. Makes me wish to hear their version. Still, danced-up Danny version = certain love from me in the end, I'm sure. As I said in the comments, I'm really interested to know who the songwriters are now.

Edit: I have now watched the choreography in the first part of that video approximately, oh, I don't know, WAY TOO MANY TIMES. It's reminded me all over again how much I've missed strong kinetic brilliantly choreographed dancing in music videos. Instead of listening to any song I could have posted today, just watch the first minute of the above video.


Paul said...

ooo how i didn't pick up on the avenue connection is beyond me. And i guess, sadly, that avenue are done for now? Boo to that i say! Anyway, if Danny does a rather excellent dance routine with it, i will be proper happy. I haven't been this excited about a dance routine since (apart from Steps but they WERE dance routines) (oh and apart from Same Difference of course, fist pump fist pump, jump jump jump jump) A1 did that amazing one for No More!

Poster Girl said...

They had some update recently on their MySpace, but they can't have a deal any more, can they? Same Difference--thank goodness someone still does dance routines!