Wednesday, December 03, 2008

There you go blowing kisses my way and I'm so in love it shows

Marie Serneholt definitely in Melodifestivalen with a Bassflow and Tony Nilsson track? AMAZING (hopefully). The artist I kept hoping would be in Melodifestivalen with the music creators I adore? How could I be anything less than thrilled?

Her song is called "Disconnect Me" and is described by its (fantastic) writers as having a pinch of John Barry (I must confess I had and have no real idea who this is referencing--a film score composer who did a lot of the James Bond movies, maybe?) with a little electro and as being warm with (and I may be totally misunderstanding this part of the description) Mediterranean influences and joyful and hopefully make you weak at the knees. I really hope it's a song that's as great as Marie deserves--I need more music from her A.S.A.P.

(Christer Björkman said of the track that it had a a very clear Eurovision style.)


beE said...

OMG!!! I'm so happy that she's in...

Hmm, anyway r u a FANS of A*teens too? i wonder...coz i used to be an A*TEens biggest fan...


Damian said...

I'm even shocked a little, not only our songwriters dream team those we already didn't dream about but song for Marie with hopefully great show!!!
After reading this description how can I wait for this song???!!!
The only problem is Marie's vocal, it's weak and the hope is only for backvocals (Kalomoira was successful on Eurovision with weak vocal).
Melodifestivalen is the greatest music event on this planet!!!

D'luv said...

Oh, Marie....everytime I hear the Same Difference version of "I need a house" i think of the initial excitement upon hearing MS's version for the very first time almost 2 and a half years ago.

Alexander said...

Unfortunately, like Damian says, Marie has a weak live-voice. Most Swedes have probably not even heard her sing live and will be disappointed. I hope she'll do OK though, with a great act she could qualify for the final, I think.

I'm 99,9% positive we will LOVE the song and long for the album even more.

Poster Girl said...

I'm absolutely a fan! No pop music collection is complete without A*Teens.

Damian, I really couldn't believe it when I saw her name with those songwriters' names! I've been trying to think of any time I've seen Marie sing live and I couldn't think of any, so it doesn't surprise me to hear from you and Alex that she has a weak live singing voice--that's kind of what I might have guessed from her studio voice. Alex, I hope the whole act comes together well and her voice is passable--she could be such a proper pop princess--and that you're right about the song. And Damian, no question, it is!

D'luv, it's a song I still adore and think should have been a much bigger (i.e., actual) hit in Sweden (and, if we're dreaming, elsewhere).

Lycklig tvillingmamma! said...

You´re so sweet!
I think you are my boyfriends biggest fan!!
I can tell you that the song is GREAT!!
May i link from my page to your?
Hugs from Evelina