Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pensando que es pronto, que aun puedes llamar

Those of you who could be bothered to pay attention to Salvemos Eurovision, Spain's giant Eurovision selection process this year, may remember Anael and her song "Piénsame" or "Thinking" or "Piénsame (Thinking Thinking)" or whatever title you want to go with. "Thinking," despite not making it to the final, was a good solid "Bleeding Love" type song written by Thomas G:son, Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, and Andreas Rickstrand.

Anael recently released the news that her debut solo album will come out in 2009 as well as most of the tracklisting and songwriter information for the album. See the whole thing here, but the gist of it is this:

  • Nine tracks by G:son and Sánchez-Ohlsson, and eight of those with Rickstrand. Those three make up the team behind "Thinking" (which is one of those nine tracks) as well as the team behind Baltanás's "Te prefiero" and Coral's "Todo está en tu mente," also from Spain's preselection. With Rebeca, they also co-wrote Rebeca/D'Nash's "I Love You Mi Vida." G:son and Rickstrand have collaborated on songs like Jannicke Abrahamsen's "Rocket Ride," Sandra Oxenryd's "Superhero," and Man Meadow's "Viva La Musica." I am not expecting an all-out dance-fest, though, considering 1.) the style of "Thinking" and 2.) the album's description as commercial and contemporary pop-R&B ballads, mid-tempos, and uptempos.
  • One track composed by Andermay
  • One track by Fede Monreal (a former Operación triunfo contestant who did D'Nash's "Lo haré por ti")
  • One track by people I should probably know for other things but one of whom--Mar de Pablos--produced D'Nash's debut album and the other of whom--Alejandro Parreño--was on OT as well
  • A remix of "Thinking" (presumably the one by one-half of Andermay, a clip of which is on Anael's MySpace)
The disc is in post-production in Sweden right now.


Robpop said...

Sounds amazing

Poster Girl said...

It could be great, it could be blah, it could be something in between--I'm hoping for good to great, though!

Damian said...

Hehe, I definitely didn't expect G:Son to make "Bleeding Love"-style song, now I'm more optimistic about his song on MF this year. And I didn't know that he wrote song for Coral - I didn't know why I'm so in love with this swedish-style shlager not from Sweden.

By the way about scandinavian pop and Eurovision - songs for Finnish Eurovision selection are online and I'm in love with songs of Kwan and Waldo's People (Finnish E-Type), rumors are that Kwan has biggest chances for trip to Moscow as it's very popular band, advice you too listen songs too ;)

AcerBen said...

I *LOVED* Piensame. the BBC should have nicked it as soon as it was eliminated.

Poster Girl said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many G:son songs there are going to be in MF! I really have been wondering what they'll all sound like--I have real trouble believing that a bunch of typical G:son schlagers were allowed in. I meant to write about the Finnish songs--tomorrow, I'll do that! I love the Waldo's People song, though :D

Ben, I hope similar effort and quality control went into making this album, though, much as they've been very careful with Anael, I'm not going to bet on it.

Damian said...

After Bjorkman said that classic schlager is almost dead on MF I don't expect typical schlagers from G:Son too.
Waldo's People are great band that I discovered about month ago. Though I can't say I'm fan of stuff they did before (I like only "U Drive Me Crazy", "I Dream" and "1000 Ways") but now seems like they grown up and "Back Again", "Emperor's Dawn", "Lose Control" sound very powerful!

Mike said...

Oh this looks very exciting indeed. I love Anael. Lucky she has that 'e' in her name!

Poster Girl said...

They've gone more pop in their sound, it seems like, or just gotten better in general! "1000 Ways" is still fantastic, though--if Alcazar were a little more dance and included guitars in their music, I think they might have had a song with a chorus like that one's.

Mike, I've always got to be careful while typing it!