Saturday, December 06, 2008

Need to know

The tracklisting for Danny's Set Your Body Free is out. This--spelling and all--is from CDOn.

1.) Radio
2.) Kiss You All Over
3.) Emely
4.) Utopia
5.) All On You
6.) Unite This Heart
7.) Need To Know
8.) Set Your Body Free
9.) Running Away
10.) Schitzophrenia
11.) Turn Off The Sound
12.) Just Like That
13.) If Only You (Bonus Track)
14.) Tokyo (Bonus Track)

Am I the only one who can't look at the title of track 2 without thinking about the Britney Spears song? I'm sure that'll change once we hear the track.


Damian said...

Haha, no, you're not the only one)))
Looking on track 12 I think about Monrose as well :D

Aaron said...

Hmm...I really should give this a listen when It's released...

Poster Girl said...

Damian, oh, yes! I didn't think of that at the time, but now that's what I'm going to be thinking of.

Aaron, if his last album is anything to go by, then yes, you should :D

Thnairg said...

There's a song from the '80s called "Kiss You All Over", by the group Exile, so it may be a cover of that. It's a pretty cool tune, and I can see it being done by a Swedish popper (though, sad to say, I don't know Danny's stuff ... yet.)


jonathan13 said...

I just can't wait for this album anymore !
The first time i listened to Radio, i didn't like it but it has grown on me a lot and i just love it now !!
I'm sure this album will be as good as his previous one.
This is one of my most awaited album of the year (with dana international's new one).
Thanks for all the news about Danny :)

Poster Girl said...

Thnairg, I'm not entirely sure that you'd enjoy Danny's solo stuff--it's very dance-pop! I think it usually has great melodies behind it and is done really well. YouTube has a bunch of his songs--"If Only You" featuring Therese is a song loved by many and "Tokyo" was his debut single. It's so great to hear from you, though! I meant to comment on your most recent post.

Jonathan, I can't wait either! I thought "Radio" was good but wasn't going to have long-lasting appeal the first time I heard it, but it's only gotten better with time, so I'm thinking that early judgment may have been wrong. It's no problem at all--his new official site ( is actually doing a pretty fantastic job of keeping people updated.

Stephan Leuenberger said...

When I first saw "Kiss You All Over," I thought of Exile's and No Mercy's versions of the song. Didn't know that Britney had a similar title track.

Danny's first album is wonderful. "Tokyo" was a brilliant first single. I, too, was not very impressed when I first heard "Radio," and now I am just so excited about that song and his new album.

"Radio" was just recently released on iTunes Switzerland, so I totally ate that up. haha. :D

Chris said...

Is track 3 supposed to be "Emily"? lol. I cant Beats" the album .. i've been loving "Heart Beats" for ages now and i love "Radio" so as you said if it's half as good as "Heart Beats" it's gonna be great!!!

Poster Girl said...

Stephan, No Mercy did a song with that title? I had no idea! Britney's track was one of her many leaked tracks--it's all over YouTube. This album has a lot to live up to compared to his first, but he seems to be on the right path so far.

Chris, interesting spelling, no? Although who knows, maybe that's how someone out there spells their name...I'm pretty sure that it should definitely be "Schizophrenia," though. Do you think I can apply for a job at Swedish record labels proofreading things? Anything to be closer to Swedish music ;)