Friday, December 05, 2008

It'd be too obvious that I'm so jealous

As if we needed further time I spend WAY more time perusing MySpace songwriter and producer sites than I should...

Forgive me if this is known already, but you know the Max Martin/Robyn/Rami/Patrik Berger track "Extra Ordinary Love" (yes, that's how they chose to spell it) that appeared on Darin's third album, Break The News? There was some speculation that it had to have been written with intentions for another arist to sing it, given that it just seemed unlikely that all those people would come together for a random Darin album track, though that was never a certain thing.

Anyway, what I can only presume is a clip of Robyn's demo is playing--albeit with some significant lyrical changes--on Mats Nyman's MySpace; it's labeled both as "Extraordinary Love" and "Extraordinary Girl." This is not a new development (just a new realization by me) and the song should really only be viewed as a curio--this is not something we're going to start mentioning in the same breath as the "proper" tracks from, say, Robyn. It doesn't sound anything like that era at all, in fact--younger (on Robyn's part)/older (if we're talking about the song's sound).

Let me repeat that: I'm only mentioning this song as a curiosity, NOT as a "you must go listen to this now" sort of thing. It is NOT new, either. Music dork and demo listener that I am, though, I couldn't let it go unmentioned.


Damian said...

Very nice find, however I don't think the song was intended for Robyn, and it sounds so much better and complete by Darin.

Aaron said...

Yes, I agree with Damian - I doubt this was ever intended for her, maybe it was recorded for fans like you?

Or just because they needed somebody to sing it and she was just there!

Poster Girl said...

I do think it sounds much more complete in Darin's version...this is kind of demo-y in sound to me, though that could just be a function of its era, if it's an older song.

My completely uneducated guess is that it's a demo, Aaron, though whether it was for young '90's Robyn or for another artist, I don't know. And speaking of just being there, I never got over the excitement of hearing Robyn's voice in the U.S. that her backing vocals in "Piece Of Me" always gave me!