Sunday, December 14, 2008

I know I told you dinner, wine, and candlelight

Swedish radio show Morgonpasset is having some of the artists who come to sing live perform Christmas songs and they've got the songs linked to on their site for you to listen to. If you like the idea of Darin singing "Oh Holy Night," Danny singing "The Christmas Song," Sibel singing "What Child Is This," or Amanda Jenssen and Erik Hassle singing original Christmas songs--all in acoustic, live, and usually abbreviated versions--go here.

Also on the Swedish music front, I recommend checking out the Idol medley from the Idol finale on Dirrrty Pop and Robyn performing at the Nobel ceremony on Oswalds Popcorn.


AcerBen said...

have you got the studio version of Kevin Borg yet? I can't seem to buy it on any of the Swedish sites :(

Poster Girl said...

Not yet, Ben--the only site I've seen selling it is TV4's and that's a Magellen site and I've never figured out a way to buy from those. I'm guessing it'll go up on iTunes tonight (shortly after midnight Swedish time), though, since the single is due out tomorrow.

Alexander said...

...or you could watch Robyn from my YouTube-channel! :-)

Be Mine:

With Every Heartbeat:


Paul said...

Darin and Danny do Christmas? I am SO there :)

Poster Girl said...

Or that, Alex! :D

Paul, I thought you might be interested! :)