Thursday, November 20, 2008

There's a part that doesn't even work at all

I have several posts sitting in draft at the moment, but since SpeedyShare doesn't seem to be working and Zshare still refuses to work for me, they'll have to wait. If SpeedyShare returns in a bit, I'll post, though. Sigh.


Paul said...

you mean no exciting new posts before i go on holiday :( Booooo zshare :( Boo!

Anonymous said...

Why not use:


The possibilities are endless.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, how is blogworld going to survive while you're gone? :(

Anonymous, there are a bunch of upload site options, but I prefer those that let you listen to the song before you download it--and I don't know any others that let you do that besides the two I mentioned. If worst came to worst I could always use one of those, though, but I feel like people are far more likely to give songs a chance (those they haven't already heard or heard about) if they can listen to them online.