Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm reborn at the discotheque

I've been meaning to mention this for a while now, but...

This is probably the best idea of the year. If I lived absolutely anywhere near London, I would be there, and you better believe if I ever make it to London, I will be ensuring my time there includes the third Thursday of the month.

Near London on November 20? Love Melodifestivalen? Love pop from Scandinavia? Go. I mean, a night of dancing to the best schlager, the best disco, the best dance, the best pop from the pop capital of the world? Brilliant.

For more information as well as to get a better idea for the music you'll be hearing, you can visit the Scandipop website.


Paul said...

it does sound rather intruiging. maybe i can book a business meeting in London for the next one :P

Rick said...

WOW! It took someone in the US to tell me about something in my town. And I can't even go tonight (damn)

Anonymous said...

I perform there every month!! Last month I performed Euroband's This Is My Life and Alcazar's Crying At The Discoteque!! You should all come down its an amazing night!! x

Damian said...

It's gonna be a pleasant party, lucky swedish pop lovers who will be able to get there.
There's new mix of next official September single in UK - "Can't Get Over" on Hard2Beat site and it's so damn cool!!!!!!! O_O

Poster Girl said...

Argh, Paul, stop making me jealous! *books a vacation in London*

Rick, but your situation might be even tougher to be in--close but can't go! At least it happens every month, though, so hopefully you'll get a chance to check it out then.

Anonymous, as if I wasn't dying to go already...any place where you can hear those songs performed is going to be the place to be on a Thursday night.

Damian, thanks for the news...and wow! They've really changed it! It's a little odd to hear the chorus without the chorus without the usual bubbly electronic backing, but they've added a new electronic beat I really adore (what you hear open the song and then has replaced that former chorus backing and carries on after Petra stops singing...I may adore it more outside of the chorus proper, actually, as pre-chorus and post-chorus music, but it's just so...uplifting). Thank goodness they've finally started planning her next release!

D'luv said...

This is like the time three years ago (in November, actually), G-A-Y announced a Stock Aitken Waterman night, and had Sonia, Jason Donovan and Sinitta performed, and I dropped everything and flew over for it.

Yeah, I'm that lame.

Poster Girl said...

Lame? Never! If I was an adult with an actual proper income and everything, I'd probably actually be really tempted to go to this. Plus, in your situation, it was a one-off thing.

Plus I basically lived in Sweden for four and a half months just so I could go to Melodifestivalen and buy Swedish CDs.