Monday, November 24, 2008

Messing around with the sound

Obligatory Darin update time.

It's just as well I'm not living in Sweden anymore or else I'd probably be buying one of these just to get ahold of Flashback a little early. Cost efficient? No, but I don't think I'd be able to stop myself since apparently store El Giganten is running a deal to give you a download of Darin's album ahead of its release if you buy one. I think the offer starts from now and goes until November 29.

We got a bit of a look at another of the promotional photos from this album campaign via a fan's photograph of a flyer thing. Get a look at it here if you're interested (it's not the same as any of the photos in this post). It's in the same style and location as the album cover but is more of a close-up. I like the look of it, but then again, I like the album cover. What we really need are some album booklet scans, though--the credits are the thing I'm most interested to know.

Darin gave another interview to a magazine. No real new information about Flashback--we already knew he was working with RedOne and his description of the music as "R&B blended with house music," though exciting, isn't surprising--but we did find out a little bit more about his work with V Factory. Apparently someone from Warner (US) called him up and asked him to write music for the boy band. Two of his songs will be on the album and--as we already knew--one of them (he doesn't name it, but it's "Love Struck") will be their debut single. Is the single technically out this year or next, though, Darin? I need to know for year-end countdown purposes...

I mentioned a while back that Darin had a record deal in France now; I guess it's through this company (which may be management, but whatever), which has also given us a list of the other countries they're planning on releasing Darin's music in. In 2008-2009, it'll be distributed in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, and Norway and there are provisional plans to release it in Germany, Austria, Korea, and Thailand.

(If all this Darin news is starting to get on your nerves, rest assured that though I've got a tradition of obsessively over-the-top updating about various artists whose releases I'm excited about, it does stop or slow down eventually. Those of you who lived through the Blake Lewis deluge of last year will know that this too shall pass.)


Aaron said...

Haha - "This too will pass", until the next album comes around.....

I'm loving the updates, and the magazine shot - that should have been the album cover!!

I can't wait!!!

AcerBen said...

Keep the Darin updates coming please! I love him!

That V Factory song is awesome too.. though I'm very suspicious about how much of it is actually his voice..

Poster Girl said...

Well, maybe, Aaron... ;)

Ben, I'm glad at least someone is getting something out of them! I'm with you on the V Factory song...but it's still great (probably in large part because of that).