Monday, November 24, 2008

Da l' sam još jedna ja, pomalo nebitna

I don't compete in or even regularly follow any of the Internet competitions simulating or based off of Eurovision, but I'm glad they're out there as when you do stumble across them they can often lead you to songs you might never have otherwise heard of but which are great. Take Croatian singer Franka Batelić, whose debut single "Ruža u kamenu" ("Rose In The Stone") debuted through her HRF (Hrvatski radijski festival, or Croatian Radio Festival).

Maybe credit for the fierceness I feel from the song and performance should go to the choreographer and whoever was in charge of wardrobe, as the whole jerky time-stopping movements the tutu-skirted dancers do doing the whole post-chorus section are absolutely perfect for the song. The whole thing, though, adds up to what I can't help seeing as the birth of a star (previous exposure notwithstanding)--there's just something about the styling, the confidence, and, mainly, the song itself, with its odd pop sound, that has me hoping Franka will end up being interesting for the right reasons. "Ruža u kamenu" isn't a song I can really properly describe--mid-tempo, yes, with some half-agressive guitar-riffs, yes, but also with just a hint, a hint, of electro bubbling up here and there. And then that post-chorus section (or second chorus, if you want): the best part of the song, for sure, and one that makes me want to break out a more pause-filled version of the Girls Aloud hand clock.

In fact, that's it exactly: I want someone to take Franka away into a recording studio and turn her into a proper Girls Aloud type popstar--this song isn't there yet, but it's interesting enough and suits her well enough that it gives me reason to think she could get there. In all likelihood she'll never do that and will instead revert to fairly pedestrian songs like those that did well at the festival she was performing at, but when that happens it'll really be a shame. What are Xenomania doing in their spare time? Or, failing that and sticking closer to home, what's the main songwriter of Colonia doing? Let's match him up with Franka A.S.A.P.

I've got really no idea where to buy Croatian music online--if anyone has any recommendations, let me know and I'll add the link.

Next up: maybe back to the UK.


Adem With An E said...

I looked at the post headline and went "oh... oh! I actually can read and understand that!"


That song is incredible and is something I think my Mum is going to lose her shit over. It's on repeat now for me - slightly obsessed. Thank you for this!!

Damian said...

Brilliant!!! Didn't hear this song before but seems like I'll have it on replay long time as well :D
Interesting if her other stuff is so qualitative and great too?

Resa said...

Brilliant pop like this that comes out of Balkans makes me wish I could speak Croatian or Serbian. Sigh. Thanks for this! I'll have to go bug one of the guys in my class who found out about my Balkanpop obsession! :D

Poster Girl said...

Adem, BRILLIANT. I'm SO glad you like it! I really wasn't sure how people would react, if anyone else would love it like I do.

Damian, ditto the above! :D As far as I know, she hasn't really done anything else, maybe just one other song somewhere along the line...pop music releases can be so odd sometimes through that region, and following them can be so difficult. I hope it will be, though!

Oh, Resa, me too, absolutely! That sounds like a plan to me :D