Sunday, October 12, 2008

The sweetest rush

Not to turn into a Darin and Elin Lanto fan site, but I couldn't help posting the debut performance of "Breathing Your Love," from a UNICEF-type charity show that took place in Sweden last night (note the lack of Kat DeLuna vocals). I'm not sure about that first line, but after that it's pretty good--granted, with backup, but there's definitely real live singing going on that's impressive enough for me. I'm still obsessed with this song--listening to it while I'm out and about actually changes the way I'm walking. Still absolutely brilliant and completely addictive.

Also, I know I said earlier that we didn't know who the collaborators were, but that's totally wrong. Besides RedOne, apparently the album has songs with Novel, Billy, Murlyn, David Jassy, Ilya, Jason Ginni and Johan Bobäck (Darin co-wrote all the songs except one).

You non-Swedish music obsessives might know some of those names from Cyndi Lauper's recent tracks "Into The Nightlife" and "Echo." Because I can't pass up a chance to mention her again, though, Elin's "Speak 'n Spell" was also co-written by Bobäck.


Anonymous said...

Eeee hes just so amazing (L)
This is definately the best thing ive heard from him, everything RedOne produces seems to be amazing though this is possibly the best yet.
I also cant get over how brilliant Natalie Bassingwaighte's debut single is, very different to her rogue traders stuff but i love it
Cant wait for HQ
I cant seem to stop going on about both these songs to everyone this weekend haha

Bas said...

oh this performance is nice :) hopefully we'll get a studio version of the Darin-only version somehow too

Aaron said...

Ohhh - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

This is just great! It's a shame about the lack of Kat's vocals - I like her - but it's nice nonetheless.

Don't worry about becoming a Darin/Elin fansite - I'll still visit!

Aaron said...

Ooh - Darin for Eurovision 2009!!!!!!
Sweden would win for sure!

Personally, I'd like a Darin-Only version too - maybe as an album bonus track?

Poster Girl said...

I really think it may be the best thing he's ever done, too. Obsessed. 100%. Keep going on and one about both!

I'd like that, Bas! Not counting on it, but it would be fantastic.

He's too brilliant. I'd buy every version of this song they sold ;) Ha ha--thanks! :D

John said...

I like it, but at what point did today's songwriters decide they could just repeat the name of the song over and over again in the chorus. "Womanizer", "Like A Star", and now this. I don't get it, but maybe I'm just making too much of it.

Paul said...

Sigh. Darin. Sigh :P I don't even notice the kattified version so i like with or without her vocal :) Nice to see it live though. Now bring on the return of Shayne Ward in a world where the record company release more than two singles (Taio Cruz is contributing some songs!)

Yuяi said...

Dear Darin and Elin fansite ...err.. sorry! D'oh! Don't feel bad, they are totally rave-able right now, so you go Poster Girl!

Oh, and I guess they do sing live at these mega-TV events, right?

D'luv said...

I've admittedly become quite the sap for RedOne this year....I think it was the artistry of Heidi Montag's vocals that got me into him.

I do wish Darin would work with max martin again, though.

David said...

Wow Redone and David Jassy working with Darin. That means the album will be hot. Ive heard their work over in the states. And its fire!!

Adem With An E said...

INCREDIBLE. Thanks for posting.

And I'm all for the blog pseudo fan site. Obviously. ;)

Poster Girl said...

John, do you know, I somehow hadn't even noticed this about that song until you mentioned it! Clueless, I am. I know what you mean about that bridge/Chorus A in "Womanizer," though, for sure.

Paul, I know--I wrote about it! I'm VERY interested to hear what Shayne comes up with.

Sweden is really big on live singing--which isn't to say you'll never see miming, but a lot of shows make artists who might not usually sing live do so.

D'luv, I know they probably wouldn't fit in on an album in the style of this track, but I would love him to toss us a few tracks like "Stand By Me" or "Money For Nothing" (which I know isn't Max but the feel is the same) some day. Or even for one of the boys always coming off of Idol to do songs like that with him, if they've got the voice for it.

I really like the sound of the songs you see David Jassy working on with Darin in that MySpace video a few posts below--I can't wait to hear the rest of them and I'm definitely interested to hear more from him in general. Based on the few examples we've got so far, Darin and RedOne work really well together, bring out the best in each other, so overall, they've got my hopes up.

Ha ha--I'll try to cut back. A little ;)