Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm going to California, gonna live the life

For a while, I was checking YouTube constantly to see if someone had uploaded the music videos of Canadian duo Wave. I stop checking for a few months, and look what happens...

This user has uploaded the rest.

"California" is literally the perfect song for when you're, oh, seventeen or so (though I guess most seventeen year olds nowadays would forswear something sounding like that)--heck, the feel of it will probably still ending up being perfect for me for the next few years. Classic.

Well, I know what I'm doing for the next half an hour. Well, for a half an hour at some point tomorrow.


Paul said...

oh i so want to get in my car and just drive to California. Of course i#m not sure how i'd drive across an ocean, but i'm sure the nightly tequila could help with that. Marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Eeee Darin's - Breathing Your Love has fastly become one of my favourite songs of the year, had it on repeat all weekend and somehow not got bored of it like i usually do.
Nat Bass (Girl from Rogue Traders) debut solo single 'Alive' is also amazing pure pop, have you heard it yet?

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, oh, Paul, I think it just might! That was almost my quoted line here, but I thought it might give the wrong impression. Much as when I wanted to quote "The Sodom and Gomorrah Show" for the line under my blog title but then realized "" across the top of the blog just might give the wrong impression.

Conor, I'd been listening to the clip on that fan/official (?) site and watched the Kids' Choice Awards performance earlier today--I like the song, but want to hear it in high quality before the final judgment!