Wednesday, October 22, 2008

För i dina ögon

I've been meaning to write about today's song for months and months and yet somehow haven't done it yet. Please don't take that as any indication of the song's quality, though; it really is brilliant.

Swedish artist Arvid is signed to the lovely label Wonderland Records (lovely both because of the acts they have--Universal Poplab, Emmon--and because they are so incredibly amazing about letting you have mp3s of their artist in hopes that if you love the song you'll buy it afterwards). He's several singles into his career so far, but by far my favorite one was released last December (though I can't say I've known about it since then).

I Dina Ögon--you know that type of crisp electronic pop that incorporates piano? And that has too much of a beating heart beneath it to qualify as chill but that you're more than willing to let just wash over you in all its gentle gorgeousness? That's "I Dina Ögon" ("In Your Eyes") in a nutshell. This is the sort of priceless gem of a track that I fell head over heels in love with on first listen and has lost not a bit of its sheen--glossy and yet still emotional--in the listens since. Top-class synth-pop (and not any sort of knockoff of some trend popular at the moment), and that's no exaggeration. Music to lose yourself in.

You can buy physical versions of Arvid's singles here and a digital version of his second single, "Hur kunde jag låta det ska?", here. Visit his MySpace here.

Next up: more electronic pop music from Sweden, but this time from a group you've heard of.

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