Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like you do when no one is around

I had full intentions of writing that post about demos today--in fact, the beginning of it is sitting in the drafts right now--but I realized that there are at least a few more tracks from said artist that I need to evaluate before that post; it may need to be reworked or expanded, or turned into a multi-day thing or something. For now, then, I'll just recommend that you go over to Darren Hayes's MySpace and download his cover of Madonna's "Dress You Up" (it's in a post on his blog). He's also posted a demo from the This Delicate Thing We've Made era on his MySpace which you can download as well.

Also, does anyone remember Josh Hoge?

Anyone? Raspy-voiced singer with some fantastic songs behind him, released the single "360" in 2006 but it never took off, I wrote about him multiple times a while back (and he's toured with Elliot Yamin since)...apparently he's actually got an album just out (U.S. iTunes link here)! Shame "Take It Or Leave It"'s been reworked--I would've loved to have a good quality version of the original of that. Apparently rumor has it that one of the songs I posted from his album sampler, "Undone," is going to be redone by the Backstreet Boys. I'll be definitely giving the album a listen and I may write something about it (as of right now, excluding the songs on that original sampler, I'm listening to "Stay Away" and LOVING it--yes, capital letters and italics-level love. Wow, I'm so tempted to start writing about it right now--I should really give it more time, but rest assured you'll be hearing about it again).

Anyway, I've never stopped loving all those sampler tracks from him--"Work That Body" remains fantastically slinky sleazy falsetto-based fun and the pictures I saw of him back then gave off that whole bad boy Southern frat boy vibe, which works pretty perfectly with a song like that.

Next up: those demos really will be tomorrow or the day after that. There's a good chance "Stay Away" will be tomorrow.


D'luv said...

I guess I'd probably bang this Josh guy.

Paul said...

I saw his album cover on some website "music is the heart of our soul" which is an effing nightmare to load so many adverts on the page, etc. but anyway! I was slightly enamoured of the album cover, so am now (rather shallow i know) very interested. Hurrah! Which was just a rather long way of saying what D'luv said :P

Adem With An E said...

Oooof and Phwoar indeed. Your write up + General good looks = Me Checking Him Out. Hem hem.

Thnairg said...

Gee, thanks a bunch, Girl ... as if I didn't have enough CDs I want to buy, there you go adding one to my list again!

... and it looks like the shagability assessment of him is unanimous as well. ;-)

Poster Girl said...

D'luv, I believe that's what you said the first time! I'm glad you all agree on that count, though ;) It's my job!

Paul, Adem, and Thnairg, I should warn you: the album might not even be any good! When I wrote this up I'd literally only listened to the remade "Take It Or Leave It" and "Stay Away"--"Work That Body" isn't even included on the album (nor is "Undone"). Plus, they've reworked the great "360" too :( I am less than pleased about that. There's at least one song I like on there, though--"Stay Away" --though I may possibly have overstated its greatness here.