Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'll getcha getcha on your worst behavior

Several other blogs have already written about German singer Sarah Connor's (best known in the U.S. for "Bounce," her Mary J. Blige "Family Affair"-sampling single) latest lead single, "Under My Skin," on which she finally moved away from the soul she's been big on lately and replaced it with throbbing electro-pop, so let's skip over that for the moment. I'm not going to vouch for the whole album, but there's at least one song on it that I think is at least as good as "Under My Skin."

See You Later--as I said, I think this is at least as good as "Under My Skin," but, despite the fact that it fits well with "Under My Skin"--it has a similar electro-pop sound--it's got a bit of a different feel to it; less of that deep grinding electro underneath and more of a "medium" level of electro...which means it's also a little more on the "just pop" side. "See You Later" is a great catchy up-tempo pop song not afraid of a little attitude, as well as a song that I think is good enough to have been on the album of multiple more "international" artists.

To buy Sarah Connor's 2008 album Sexy As Hell (that title, I know, right?), go here (physical).

Next up: maybe that demos post, finally.


Anonymous said...

her new album is great!
I'm addicted to Under My Skin and Touch o/

Poster Girl said...

Hi, Mari-Jean! Good to see you again :D I'm glad she's finally stopped doing covers of old soul songs.

Aaron said...

Hmm... I love Bounce - and Electro-pop, I'm very interested!!!.

Poster Girl said...

Ditto on both counts! You Don't Know Pop and Pop Unlimited both featured "Under My Skin"--you might like it, definitely look it up if you've got time!