Friday, September 05, 2008

Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets

In the ongoing "best brilliantly ridiculous lyrics of the year" contest which I've been documenting, we've had several really good entries so far:

I won't attend your pity party
I'd rather go have calamari
-Ne-Yo, speaking to a girl upset over a breakup on "So You Can Cry" (album track from the yet to be released Year of the Gentleman)

Not only does your body bang,
But I miss the conversation too
-Jesse McCartney, singing to an ex-girlfriend on "How Do You Sleep" (album track from Departure)

We only got one night--
Double your pleasure,
Double your fun
-Chris Brown, incorporating the Doublemint Gum catchphrase (before going all the way and just releasing an ad based on the song's instrumental) in his brilliant "Forever" (single from the re-edition of Exclusive)

We may very well have two new entries, though, and both from none other from New Kids on the Block. Beyond "Summertime," one of the first new songs I heard from them was "Dirty Dancing." In addition to tossing in a catchy little piano run amidst their synths, NKOTB manage to work in this particular lyrical gem in the midst of their usual talk about how all these hot girls hitting on them are making it hard for them to remain faithful.

Ooo, it's so crazy
She's like Baby
I'm like Swayze

That's made about a million times better by the fact that it's not just some tossed-out one-off line, but actually the key phrase of the bridge. I love it. No, this isn't just going to be some song (an actually pretty cute one, somehow) about dirty dancing, but one that's actually working an analogy with the movie.


I couldn't believe my ears when I actually got around to listening to "2 in the Morning" (a significantly less good song than "Dirty Dancing"), a song about how the guys' girl (and I do mean "girl," because they're certainly not dating people their own age in their "Summertime" video) won't talk to them from the time she comes home at 6 PM and that then runs through various times at which the girl still won't talk to them.

Girl, it's almost ten
Gotta know if you're mad at me
Before Grey's Anatomy

It really has to be heard to be believed (it's before the first chorus, so luckily you won't have to listen to that much.)

(Would you believe that there's actually a really good chance I'm going to write about this album again? It's true. Some songs because I actually really like them--"Twisted"--others because of sheer ridiculousness--"Lights Camera Action"--and others just they inspire in me the desire to actually say something about them--"Click Click Click.")

To buy New Kids on the Block's new album The Block, go here (physical) or here (digital; only available to American residents).

Next up: maybe that demo-related post. Or me living up to the above threat.


Aaron said...

Please Live Up To The Threat! I'd love to hear what you've got to say about the NKOTB album, I've just publicly admitted I like it - so all my credibility is down the drain!

Stu said...

I am hit or miss on the Kids - I either love the songs or hate them...I am however totally in love with "Big Girl Now"...

Thnairg said...

You're a braver one than I am, Girl ... the nostalgia almost overcame me and I asked my local store to order it, but I chickened out at the last minute!! The clips just didn't thrill me enough, despite being a big Joe Mac fan. Hey, when you've heard Take That's "Beautiful World", how can another boyband reunion album possibly compare? I'll still read whatever you have to say about it, though. ;-)


Poster Girl said...

I saw your comment after I posted this--you should definitely write what you think! I'd be interested to know too. We can lose credibility together ;) (well, I think mine's been gone for ages...)

Stu, it's true that these are not all great/enjoyable songs--maybe not having high expectations helps to some degree there?

Thnairg! Yay! And thank you for the mention in the Espen Lind post--it's good to hear that the album is good! Where did you order it from? Anyway, I can see this being an album you might not get that attached to--a lot of it is more electronic beats and kind of...halfy. And good point, re: Take That! ;)

D'luv said...

Chylde, we're on the same wavelength.

Paul said...

Oh my. so much NKOTB -well not love, then interest on the net. By people who should know better!! Haha i jest! I was a bit bored by the block, it seemed as thrown together as the title. There are some ok songs on there (love love love your commentary on the lyrical content though!) but it raised an interesting point - i'm still mad at danny wood for being such an unlikeable ass on Totally Boyband. It's weird. Someone's personality and character often has nothing to do with a song yet i find it important for the person to at least have the perception of being a likeable fella. So now i have this weird mental block about the NKs... bizarre!!

that was a pretty useless and random comment. Apologies!

Poster Girl said...

D'luv, it's kind of scary! Don't worry, my next post is going to be about Ryan Cabrera.

No, Paul, I know what you mean! Of course, I think I actually liked the single that came out of that show...and no, not random or useless!